3 Tips to DIYing your Brand Photos

If you’ve ever thought that you need a fancy camera or expensive props for getting brand photos, you're mistaken. Although its nice to have all the top notch equipment (I wouldn’t know), you can definitely get good quality photos using a few tips. But also, I do need to say, it takes a practice. It may not be perfect the first few shoots, at least, mine weren't, but after you get a few shoots down, I'm positive you can make some great images.  

On Monday I talked about how much you can level up your business with quality photographs. So, for a moment think about your business and how you want it to be represented. What kind of photos do you want? Bright? Dark? Full of contrast? Minimal?Whatever it is, you can make it happen– just keep your vision in mind, so let's get started!


1. Find the light

When finding a spot to take pics, I would find a well lit area. I would also go for natural light over artificial. Make sure the place is light and bright from the sun, but avoid direct sunlight unless you want that sun soaked look. 

It's helpful to have a little white backdrop to make sure all your items are well lit. You can use foam board, which is only a few bucks at Wal-Mart or anything else you can find to give off a bright reflection. 


You'll find that if you're setting up a shoot in the morning, the light will have a yellowish hue. When you shoot in the evening, the lighting may look a little bluish. You can fix this through your camera, by adjusting the white balance and making sure it's even. If you take the pictures and still have some off coloring, the way to get rid of bad coloring is color correcting. I rely on Photoshop.


2. Find a focal point

When you're setting up your first shoot, it's really easy to get a little, over zealous. Start off with 1–a few items, and get comfortable with styling. 


Keep your items in focus and try out close up and far away. So much of styled photography is practice. It just takes doing it several times to get the hang of it.


Have you ever tried photographing a flat lay? How about a close up of something? Try different angles, different ways to shoot something - experimenting is the best way to find something new that you may have never thought of.


However you choose to shoot, keep your brand in mind.


3. Use your brand colors

This is where brand photos can be either difficult or super easy. Find items with your brand colors in them. If you’re looking to have your Instagram feed beautifully spotted with your brand colors, take pictures of things that have your colors.

Some ways I think of it is think Natural: can this color be found in nature? How could you use it then? Then, Man-Made: How has this color been used in products (like coffee cups, t-shirts, pens, paper, envelopes, etc.)


Use a variety of colors. Try using a small palette of colors, rather than just one color. This will give your brand dimension and variety.

• Experiment and practice

This is key. Practice with portrait format, landscape, close-ups, far away, and flat lays. Whatever works for your brand.

I can't overstate the importance of practicing when it comes to taking your own brand photos, but practice! Be patient with your first few shoots, you'll get it using these tips!