4 Ways to Make Your Brand Memorable

If you're a designer, maker or photographer, you know that there's a lot of competition out there.

It seems like everyday there are more and more options for customers to buy from or work with someone else doing something similar to what you're doing.

So how does one stand out from everyone else in their industry, make a true impact and have a brand that's memorable? 

Let me share 4 ways you can have a memorable brand and one that can help you get noticed in the ever-growing online world. 



Someone who has a very memorable brand and one that stands out amidst all the other online marketers is an online business expert and passive income genius. He shares his life transparently in his podcasts, on social media and in his products. 

Any guesses?

If you thought Pat Flynn, you are absolutely correct. By sharing transparently with his audience about what works and what doesn't when it comes to having an online business, from income reports to life with his family, he is creating a brand that is trustworthy and relatable and one that gives him the edge with all the other online marketers out there.

So how can you have a memorable brand and stand out? Here are 4 things you can do that can help you stand out and be memorable.

1. Use original photos

Photos can make or break your business.

Now there a lot of great sites that have free photos and there’s a lot of sites that sell photos that are also wonderful.

But when you create your own photos, by either taking them yourself or working with a photographer one-on-one, you can stand out by having completely original photos that are tailored to you and your brand.


A great example of this is the very talented Laura Joseph of Paper and Honey.

The Paper and Honey site is decorated with the most beautiful photos that are tailored specifically to Laura's brand, her style and showcase her expertise.


Laura isn't just using professional photos from a stock site, she is using professional photos created specifically for her brand, this is called Styled Brand Photography.

There are a lot of photographers who offer this service, myself included, that can help take your biz up a notch so you can get noticed in the best way.

Using original photos helps you stand apart because they are completely unique to you– so you'll never find anyone else or a competitor displaying your photos–and they will incorporate your brand and style which is a win-win-win for any business owner.

Nowadays so much emphasis is placed on appearance and presentation that it’s important to use that opportunity to put your best foot forward and use images that are professional and unique to you.

If you're interested in investing in styled brand photography, find a photographer whose work you love, or there may be photographers who are willing to do a trade, or you can even DIY. If you're into the DIY route, I'm sharing my best secrets and tips for amazing and beautiful product photography. Interested? Head over here. 


2. Use design that’s different


I remember listening to a podcast where the guest on the show was talking about how she was really tired of doing wedding invitations that were blush and gold and, as a designer, I have to agree.

When something is trendy, everyone is doing it. When something is popular, everyone wants in on the action– especially when it comes to design.

The problem is trends come and go and choosing to pick a trend for your brand (such as blush and gold or a calligraphy font) can be detrimental because not only is there an expiration date on it (whenever the trend is over you may need to rebrand) but it doesn't help you stand out at all, if anything, it makes you look like one in a sea of look-a-likes.

A designer I really admire continually proves that having unique design can help you stand out in the best way. That designer is Lauren Hooker of Elle and Company.


Not only does she use very memorable and distinct illustrations, she also uses a color palette that's memorable.

It's bright and colorful – which is very different than the minimal, muted tones we're accustom to seeing nowadays and it makes Elle and Co. stand out from all the other brand designers.

So when you get design done for your business, look for design that is different, design that stands out, not just design that follows the crowd.

And this could be website design, your logo design, the entire brand design or even the color palette you choose.

It’s good to keep in mind that you don't want to get something done just because it's trendy or popular because it will fade away.


3. Share your story


You are the only one who has the perspective you do.

From where and how you grew up, to tastes and preferences, to personality traits and to style and humor. You have a completely different outlook on life and you need to share your story.

Someone who does this so well is my friend Christina Alsip, the wedding planner behind Lovely Ever Afters. She shares both her work and her life with so much passion and joy it's hard not to walk away from her Instagram feed encouraged.



Sharing your story can look like using certain phrases, sharing details of your life on Instagram, writing about your newest home renovation on your blog, or using your distinct humor on your homepage.

Using your unique voice will absolutely be one of the surest ways to set yourself apart from others in your industry.

Find a way to highlight what makes you different and what lights you up and start with your favorite platform.


4. Look at your brand as a whole


It’s important to not only look at the individual pieces that make up a brand: your logo, your color palette, your font choices, your mission, your goals, your website, your words, your stationary, etc. it’s important that you look at your brand as a whole and remember how you want to be perceived.


What are 3 of your main values?

How do you want to be remembered?

How do you want to make a difference for the people you're serving?

It’s good to take a step back once in a while and remind ourselves, in the midst of everything we have to do, that our mission is more important than our colors, and how we treat people is more important than how we present ourselves.

Every now and again, remember where the heart of your business is and think through how you can show that in your business today.

As I continue to develop into my own brand I’m reminded that no matter how I present myself, I want to serve with genuine kindness, respect and encouragement.

Then, no matter if I use some styled stock photos of my own or from another site, it’s OK because I’ve followed out my mission for my brand.


What’s your mission for your business?

Is it hard for you to stand out from others in your industry?

Which part of branding has you most tied up?