Part II The What, Why and How of Branding

Part II: 5 Reasons to Brand Your Business

Not all businesses have a brand. Some businesses just have logos like gas stations or hardware stores, maybe even some restaurants.

Businesses can survive and do well without branding.

Then why would a business even do branding? What’s the point?

Great question and that’s what we will thoroughly discuss today. We’ll go over the many benefits of branding and in the final blog post of our three-part series, we will go over how to bring branding elements into your own business.

1. Professionalism

Branding offers professionalism in the best way. Having a cohesive brand that is thoughtfully designed and well crafted gives your business the edge in making an impression that is professional and well thought-through. 


Branding that spans across a variety of printed products and platforms offers consistency and professionalism. For anyone who has done branding, this takes an extreme amount of detail and it takes a lot of time! When branding happens for a big company, with a variety of products, it is necessary that each design represents the brand well. In the case of Apple, they absolutely know how to brand with consistency and professionalism in relation to their brand's standpoint, values and aesthetic.

2. Direction

One of the best ways to harness all the greatness of a business is put in place branding guidelines that will give your business direction and focus. One way to get clear on your direction is by first understanding your target audience. Once you have your ideal client in mind it's easier to create guidelines which will give you focus and clarity.


It’s one thing to have someone make a logo, it’s completely another to have someone develop and design a brand identity because not only does the designer know how to represent your business but the designer knows how to communicate to the ideal audience through visuals. 

One of the most important aspects of branding is making sure communication is made effortlessly and efficiently with the target audience. 


3. Distinction 


Branding allows a business to have unique qualities and gives the opportunity to really stand out. 

Some branding aspects are color combinations, pattern styles, logo variations, etc. which all culminate to a completely customized design that gives your business unique characteristics.

Setting yourself apart is key to having a memorable brand but also a recognizable one. Being different from the competition gives your audience a greater chance of recognizing and remembering you. 


4. Personality

As an entrepreneur, one of the best things of coming into the creation of your own business is letting your personality shine through your business and being able to show off what makes you unique.

Creating visuals to represent personality and style is one of the best parts of branding.

Having your own personality allows the customer to get to know what the business stands for which is a huge benefit of branding.


In the case of Disney, it has a brand distinction of playfulness with the 'Walt Disney' font choice and exudes imagination with the castle image and the light streak of the logo. It draws in their ideal customer through great imagery and visuals that are unique and really represent what they stand for.

5. Consistency


Having a design that can be translated to many different mediums and represent your business a wonderful tool. 

This also is a freebie for marketing. When you’re carrying around a handbag with a business logo, like this Coach purse, it is a way of promoting the brand without even saying anything.

With the Coach brand, they have created a pattern using their logo's font which makes for effective marketing and can be translated to many different mediums.

The bonus with consistency in branding is that it leads to loyalty with an audience, which is one of the main points of branding. Loyalty with an audience leads to sales. The customer who has a great interaction with your product or service will likely be a repeat customer, or expose your business with positive word of mouth. This in turn can grow your audience and client base. 

Branding is a big step for a business but will always be worth the investment because it shows professionalism, gives direction, allows for distinction, displays personality and when represented consistently can grow a loyal audience. I would love to hear your thoughts on what you think about this topic and if branding has helped your business.

Does your business have a brand in place?

Do you see your business reaping the benefits of a great brand? 

If you don't have a brand for your business, what's the one thing that's stopping you?