50 Content Ideas to Boost Your Instagram Feed


It's Monday morning and I need to post to Instagram and I find myself staring at my phone. Blank canvas, blank brain, having no idea what to share.

Can you relate? Sometimes the hardest part about marketing on social media is not being prepared with some topics to talk about. And one of the hardest things, at least for me, is coming up with good topics or ideas under the pressure of needing to post something.

So this list of ideas is so we can have an arsenal of topics to pull from whenever we need to post. Because when it comes to sharing more of your business and brand, it's all about consistency and connecting.



These content ideas are wide-ranging from personal to business topics, but they each can give you the opportunity to plan out your content in advance so you can share more consistently, frequently, and with thoughtful intention of your brand.


Does your brand make you look like the expert you are?

If your current brand makes your business feel pieced together instead of put together, I would love to help give you clarity, confidence and a cohesive online presence.


Don’t post content just for content’s sake. It’s important to keep your content helpful and relevant for your target market.

Building a brand that is recognizable and trustworthy takes time and effort, but a great way to start (and continue growing your efforts) is with content marketing.


Grab my Content Marketing Guide

This guide includes how to content market, ways to set your marketing apart and the 50 content ideas I share here in this post!

I created this content list with Instagram in mind, but you can definitely use these ideas for other platforms as you’re marketing your business.

 1. Morning Routine

Let people in on how your day starts. Is it coffee at your counter top or some meditation? Whether it be stretching for some morning yoga or preparing a hearty breakfast, let people in to see how you get started.

2. Things You Love

This can be anything from your latest Stitch Fix, to a small business purchase (Small Biz Saturday!), or your dog's floppy ears. 

3. Your Service

Get creative with this, especially if you don't offer a product. If you offer a service, show what you do with either results like a website design or a client's weight loss if you're in the fitness industry, or it can even be a description of what you do in words.

4. Daily Happenings

Throughout the day if you're headed to a photoshoot or putting up your Christmas tree, share it with thoughts on how you feel as you're about to do the thing.

5. Products

Whether this be for your own product boost or a friend's new launch, share a product.

6. Helpful Tips

If you have a great or easy way of doing something, share it! Especially if it's related to your industry and service. This is a great way for people who need your service to seek you out knowing your offer advice and resources.

7. Blog Post Content

This is a great way to send traffic back to your site. Share a takeaway or an aspect of your post to hook people in and give them a reason to check out your post.

8. News and Updates

Do you have something exciting coming up or happening in your life/business? Share about what's happening and why you're making the change.

9. Unique Aspects of Your City

The great thing about an online business is that you can work with anyone in the world. And for that reason, a lot of the times people who come across you on social media don't live in your city. Share a cool feature of where you live.


Share something inspiring, encouraging, or thoughtful. Options are endless here.

11. Personal Development

Are you going through something that you feel can benefit your audience? If you are a more private person you can keep details abstract, but sharing something, especially something that can benefit your audience can build authenticity and trust.

12. Current Events

What I'm thinking of is on election day, I saw so many people sharing their "I voted" sticker. Share what's going on and how you're taking part.

13. Calendar Days / Months

Review the day or month. Goals you reached, or how you're excited for what's coming next, or what you have planned down the road.

14. Struggles

You don't have to get too personal here, I mean, you can if you want, but share something you're facing whether in business or life that has you down. Not to be a debbie-downer, but to be authentic and sharing real life.

Someone I really admire who does this beautifully is Alex Estes of Prairie Letter Shop. She is completely real and shares life in a way that's personal and compassionate. It's refreshing and admirable. 


15. Sharing Where You're At

If you're on a variety of platforms, share handles or names so people can find you elsewhere.

16. Launch

Do you have a brand refresh coming up or a website redesign? Build up anticipation with a launch. A countdown or leading up to your reveal makes your audience excited for what you're working on and can get them engaged with your business. I did this for my recent course launch, I shared a countdown, a video "trailer/teaser," befores and afters and finally the big day for enrollment. 



17. Product Development 

Show the process of what you do with visuals. Whether it be you creating jewelry or typing on your keyboard. It's always fun to see behind-the-scenes of how you do your thing. 

18. Product Showcase

Instagram is perfect for those product-based businesses and makers. Show off the beauty of your product is a best practice for marketing. Make sure you have good photos!

19. Your Travels

Have you been somewhere cool lately? Share what you're up to and where you've been. I love hearing about the adventures others are on even though I may get a little jealous at times.

20. Sharing other people's work

This is a great way to network online. When you tag others they have the chance to share with their audience too. If you're excited about someone's achievement, share in their success.

21. Steps of Your Process

This is a great way to get people more familiar with your work and how you operate and it might get them interested to try you out for themselves too.

22. Events you're Apart of

Have you attended any conferences recently or small business events? Share where you're going and what you're up to. And don't forget to add your location with a geotag!

23. Lifestyle Photos

These are candid shots of you in life. They can be random or they can be styled to match your brand.

24. Fashion Looks

Wearing a new lipstick or sporting a new scarf? Show us!

25. Music You're Loving

I've done this several times where I write out some lyrics and share why I love it, and it's a fun departure to the normal everyday. 

26. Podcasts You're Listening to

This can be the same with music, share what you're listening to and how it's helping you in the everyday. People are always looking for great podcasts to listen to.

27. Advice You've Received

Share something that has helped you get to where you are. I'm sure someone else can benefit from the wisdom that was given to you.

28. A Quiet Place

Do you have a space that's all your own? Or maybe it's not even a space maybe it's nature. Share something that in inspires and quiets you. I follow someone who primarily shares this aspect and it's beautiful to see. You should look her up! Susie @SoulfulWanderings.



29. Trends in Your Industry

Are there trends in your industry that you know about? Share it with your audience and how the trends can help them or how they should stay away.

30. Your Business Mission

It's always nice when business owners and entrepreneurs share their why. It's inspiring, encouraging, and it helps people on the outside of your business to understand more of what you're all about.

31. Your plant garden

Everyone likes a pretty bouquet or your succulent paradise. Snap a pic and post it (in a great sunlit area).

32. Friends

Share some of your biz buddies projects or successes. Someone I follow is so good about sharing her friends and peer's Instagrams on Friday for #FollowFriday and it's always so lovely to see. To me it's humble, gracious, and will come back to you in a good way.


33. Goals for Life or Business

Share what your plans are and how you want to get there. It never hurts to have an audience as accountability.

34. Loved One

Want to introduce your partner in crime? It's cool to see the significant others behind the scenes. Give them a shoutout.

35. Your Work Space

Seeing office spaces is so fun and inspiring. Share where you're working these days. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it's nice when it is ;)

36. Artwork 

Can you draw or paint? People love when I share my drawings, and the same goes when I see other people's artwork. It's powerful and beautiful. Sarah from theMintGardener does just that and she is phenomenal. I always love seeing what she posts. 



37. Influencers

Is there someone who inspires you or who has encouraged you in your business journey? Share how they helped you and make sure to tag them.

38. Fluffy Comrades

Do you have an office pet? Share your furry friend on your feed. I would suggest not doing it all the time, but introduce your lap pal to your tribe. 

39. How You Stay Organized

Whether it be a screen shot of Trello or your favorite planner. Share how you keep all the things in order.

40. Planning Session

Are you working on something that is taking up a lot your time? Use that experience to share some behind-the-scenes of your writing process or planning a styled shoot. 

41. Client Projects

This is one of the best tools for marketing. Showing your work in a non-salesy way is showing projects you're working on with your clients and how you're helping them achieve a goal.

42. Flashbacks

I don't know about you, but I wasn't always great at design or photography. Sharing how far you've come is definitely humbling but can be rewarding too. Your audience will probably relate with you a little better.

43. Your Brand Guidelines or Brand Board

Instagram is all about branding anyway, so why not share your brand colors, fonts, and patterns in a brand board? Sharing your style in this way is a fun way to show off the design behind your branding.

44. Office Decor

Do you have a fun painting that you would love to share? This goes along with sharing your office space, but choosing a specific item to focus on so you can get a detail shot.

45. A Results Post

This goes along with client projects, in a way, but if you've completed a project or finished up with a client share the results. This could be their finished website, their logo design, or their kind words about working with you. Take the opportunity of a finished project to market your work.

46. Tools of Your Trade

Share how you do what you do. Calligraphy pens, a laptop, a camera, these types of photos are always fun to see.

47. An Inspiration Board

I've been a little in love with inspiration boards lately, but if you're a designer, share some inspiration boards. People love them and they always add a fun dose of creativity.

48. Selfies

Now, what I mean by this,  is sharing a photo of yourself, not necessarily a selfie. But a professional, or nice looking photo, and share about yourself. I love getting to know others on #FridayIntroductions. It gives your audience the chance to get to know you better and learn something new about you.

49. Milestones

Have you reached something significant in your business? I've seen so many people share really cool ways of their achievements, such as a certain number of followers they've reached or a launch success. Share your wins!

50. Styled Shoot

It takes time to craft a cohesive Instagram feed and if that means styling your photos, share your process for getting great photos and how others can do the same.


Hold on to this list and also learn the best ways to content market for your business.


I hope this list helps you not feel so flustered (like I often do) when it comes to content creation for your Instagram, or any social media avenue.


I would love to hear what you think of this post!

Would you add anything else to this list?

What's your biggest struggle when it comes to content creation?