Artist Interview with Adri Luna

I love art and anything that is created out of love, positivity, with excellence and beauty. Today I am here to share an artist interview with you with artist Adri Luna who creates art with these characteristics. She is also participating in the 100 Day Project, a daily commitment to make art on a daily basis and to develop the creative muscle we all have.



I first met Adri at Creative Chics Coffee and Collaborations (I share all I learned and the benefits of these interactions in this blog post). I sat next to her as we went around discussing our businesses and receiving feedback.

After hearing Adri was an artist who does fine art I was immediately intrigued because fine art is my first love and drawing and painting are the foundation of my art and design background.

After seeing Adri’s work I immediately fell in love with it. The simplicity, the beauty, the expression with different mediums and how versatile it is. After reaching out to Adri we were able to connect and get to know each other. Adri is a generous and beautiful spirit and her art displays that carefree and genuine confidence.

I started following Adriana on Instagram soon after I met her and something that was so intriguing is that she is participating on a project called the 100 Day Project where she creates art every single day for 100 days.

I want her journey to inspire all of us to be creative and artistic every day. so here is Adri’s story in the first R Artspace Artist Interview:



RA: Tell us a little about yourself and your art background.

AL: Well, I started making art when I was young and it stayed with me. I studied printmaking at my local community college and learned art from so many amazing teachers that I decided to go to the Kansas City Art Institute and continue studying art. I graduated in 2011 and stayed in Kansas City because it’s a great art town with an amazing community of makers. 

 RA: Do you have a full time job and do art part time? If so, tell us what your goals are for your career and art.

AL: I do have a full time job. I only started selling my art seriously over a year ago and that changed everything! There was so much to learn that it basically took me a year to set up a website (then re-do it) and set up my Etsy shop (only to realize my photographs needed help) and on and on…. I am constantly learning new things every day but I have finally reached a point where sales are becoming steady. My goal is to make art full time in two years. 


RA: That's awesome! 
      Tell me about the 100 day project and why you decided to do it.

AL: The 100 day project was created by Elle Luna (no relation, unfortunately) and the goal is to create something everyday for 100 days. I tried last year to do the project but I couldn’t because I had a gallery show and I got married the week the project started. I really tried to do it but then other things came up and I stopped trying. This year I promised myself the least I could do was schedule a little time each day to create. 

I have my paints set up in the dining room so I see them everyday and I cannot avoid them. Luckily I have a very patient and understanding husband who doesn’t mind my art mess!

RA: What is the purpose of the 100 Day project?

AL: My purpose in doing the 100 Day Project was to really train myself to schedule time to create. I really love painting but working all day can be draining and sometimes painting falls to the wayside. By scheduling time for making and having a deadline I have made more work consistently in the past few weeks. I also believe that creating and making work helps inspire more ideas. 


RA: Has your painting style changed during the time that you’ve been doing the project?

AL: My style hasn’t changed but I am experimenting a little more, which is exciting. Sometimes it’s a completely flop, which is hard to admit…. But it also helps me grow and learn. Also because I am pressed for time I am making work that is a little less detailed. Instead of working on a painting for hours and coming back later and adding more, I am creating a piece within a set time frame which is another challenge in itself. 

RA: What is your hope when you complete the project?

AL: My hope is to have gained a habit. A good art habit. 

RA: That's awesome. Are you selling the pieces that you’re completing? 

AL: I am selling the work I am making! I have already sold a few pieces which is really exciting because they are all small works, which I love! Each piece is sent out with a special note of thanks and an explanation of the project!


RA: What, so far, has been the hardest part about this project?

AL: Posting pictures online daily has been the biggest challenge. I have to take pictures in the morning before I go to work when the light is brightest and sometimes that means snapping the picture then posting when I get to the office. I spend as much time as possible painting and sometimes I run late because I lose track of time. 

RA: Wow that sounds tough! What has been the easiest thing?

AL: I decided to precut the paper when I started the project. I buy sheets of paper that are 22 x 30” and tear them down to smaller sizes to make work. By tearing down enough paper to create 40 pieces of work I never hesitate to get started. There is a pile of paper ready for me to make work, mess up and remind me to keep working. 

RA: Do you dabble in other mediums? Or you stick to watercolor.

AL: I do dabble in other mediums. All of my paintings are mixed media, incorporating gouache, acrylic, inks and pencils. I also make paper sculpture and large scale installations. I always love trying new things. 

RA: I love that! I really love mixed media art pieces. Do you have a blog for this project?

AL: I do not have my own blog for this project. I am just starting up my blog and it’s a work in progress!

RA: What is your goal for when you complete the project?

AL: My goal is to keep working everyday. I love working in series of colors and line work. My goal is to make bigger pieces of work once I have completed the 100 Day Project. 


All photo credits to Christine Hurla @christinehurlaphoto

A huge thanks to Adri for speaking with us about her journey and how she's living the creative life and making it work! Thanks girl!

If you're a creative and you're working freelance or have a business where you are creative it's hard to make art for yourself. But having Adri explain how she deliberately makes time to invest in her art is such an awesome inspiration for me. It's a huge encouragement knowing Adri lives a busy life just like the rest of us and makes time to be creative and do what she loves. How inspiring!

Having Adri as an artist friend is wonderful and being a part of her journey of 100 Day Project is inspiring and I hope it inspires you too. If you're interested in looking at more of her work, check out her website at and follow her on Instagram @adrilunastudio as she is on day 42 today of the project.

If you have a creative business or side hustle, do you make time for yourself to create things you want?

Did this encourage you?

Did you like this artist interview? I would love to know what you think. 


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