Brand Launch for Frolic and Bloom

From the moment I spoke with Jessie on the phone, I knew she would be a joy to work with. And I was right.

Her strong southern accent and always-kind manner made the client experience truly enjoyable. I'm so excited to celebrate the brand launch of her photography business, Folic and Bloom, as well as share a behind the scenes look at the process and all it entails.

So let's jump in!


Our process began with a couple detailed questionnaires for her to fill out prior to our beginning the process.

The questionnaires ranged from the goals of Frolic and Bloom, to the styles Jessie was drawn to, to her desired outcome for when visitors came to her site. 

From the questionnaires we dove into the visual direction planning, which is creating an inspiration board to determine the style and feel for the rest of the brand. I asked Jessie to make a Pinterest board and from there we could narrow down her style and find a direction for her brand.


From all the pins she posted, I narrowed it down to some photos that looked cohesive, and showed the feelings she was going for.

Some of the words Jessie described for her brand were: fun, emotive, powerful, timeless, personable and expressive.

Here's the Inspiration board I designed and the color palette we chose. She was thrilled with the direction and from there we moved on to the logo.


The logo concepts were really fun for me to design. 

Jessie said she wanted either a tree or wild grass because  "The roots are an essential part of the growth of the plant (bloom=grow), and I feel like having the roots still attached brings home one of the key values of my brand. Even though the flowers haven’t been trimmed down and perfected for a vase, they are still beautiful." I loved how thoughtful she was about the details :)



Something I always do for the first round of logo concepts is to show them in black and white. Doing this gives us the chance to see the shapes more clearly without getting distracted by the color. I add in color for the second round.

Jessie gave me amazing feedback. After reviewing it all and narrowing it down to two options, I presented the final two designs.

These two were the contenders and I must say, we both had a hard time narrowing it down!


We ended up going with the wild grass logo for a couple reasons. We liked the softer colors and more approachable font as well as well as the care-free look. 

There were a final tweaks to get it just right, but I am happy to say we were both thrilled with how it turned out!

Here's a look at the Brand Style Guide (also known as a Brand Board containing the main elements of the brand).


Once the Brand Style Guide was complete we moved on to collateral items. My process includes social media and business cards.

For her business cards we wanted to keep the colorful vibe and unique point of view so we came up with a square design and used all her colors to showcase the personality of the brand.


I then moved on to designing the Facebook cover. Implementing her beautiful documentary-style photos and the branding we developed a cohesive look throughout the different mediums.


From there we jumped into the website design. After going through all the things she wanted in her website I found template in Squarespace that fit the bill.

Then it was a matter of adding in all the copy, photos and branding to create a beautiful and professional online presence.



Here's a more detailed look at her homepage.


It was a true joy working with Jessie and I'm so excited for the future of Frolic and Bloom. If you're ever in the Eastern / Central Kentucky area, you should reach out to her for a shoot!

In the meantime, check out her site and I would love to hear what you think of the brand!