Brand Launch for Healthy Pelican

Working with Whitney Andrus on the Healthy Pelican brand was a true joy. I used Whitney's excitement and her vibrant personality as inspiration for the brand which gave to a bold and playful color palette and expressive photos.

Whitney is a health blogger and she created Healthy Pelican as an online resource for moms (and women in general) seeking a healthy, manageable lifestyle.

Some of the words she chose to represent her brand were simple, open, relatable, light-hearted, and real. Her brand ended up being light and airy, feminine yet bold - a combination we both loved! At a glance you can tell that Healthy Pelican is about inspiration, everyday, and positivity. 

I started with the Inspiration Board to give us both visual direction and show us the path that the brand would take. Whitney was honest about wanting a warmer palette so I brought in warmer tones to give it that welcoming vibe. The end result was bright, light, and bold themes to channel the brand direction.

Photo credit:
beautiful bouquet / pattern rug / sofa with pillow / curly typography /
 sprinkles / radishes /  breakfast in bed


We then moved on to logo design which included a main logo, secondary logo and submark. Things started coming together as we added colors, patterns, and typography. The Brand Board shows how to use your brand in marketing and across all platforms. Along with the Brand Board I also give my clients a "How to Use Your Brand Board" little instruction manual. This gives them autonomy for marketing their brand long after working with me is over. 


Then came time for collateral pieces. The business card took several revisions, but we finally came to an outcome we both loved.

I also added in blog template designs. Due to the fact that Whitney is a health blogger, she relies on blog posts as a main avenue for content marketing, so creating blog graphics was vital and necessary - especially when promoting them to social channels, like Pinterest. 



The photoshoot is my differentiating factor to the branding process. I consider it necessary to have quality and professional photos as apart of your brand, so this is an addition that comes with working with me.

The photoshoot helps complete and solidify the branding and it also gave a real human appeal to Healthy Pelican. A detail Whitney loved were the little HoneyNut cheerios sprinkled throughout one of the photos. It's in these details that you see the brand shine through as being for moms and relatable. 




And finally, the website creation rounded out the project. I used the photos from the photoshoot to create that bright, vibrant welcome mat for her audience to come enjoy the resources.

Created on the Squarespace platform, simplicity was a must for this site and also easy navigation. As opposed to other resource sites that can be overwhelming and crowded with information, Healthy Pelican remains simple, intuitive, and inviting, which sets it apart in the industry.


As the project wrapped up, I was not only excited to have worked with Whitney, but I'm excited about the work she is doing.

There aren't a lot of health resources out there for women meeting you where you're at with health and weight loss, but Whitney solves that with an unmasked writing style, sharing vulnerably of her journey with health, and offering incredible tips and resources for women.

The best thing about working with Whitney was seeing her passion for her work and knowing that my brand design contributes to her spreading the word about healthy living to the many women who need to hear it.

To see the site for yourself head over here or visit Whitney over at @healthy_pelican and follow her on her health journey with Healthy Pelican! 


I would love to hear what you think of the new brand! Let me know in the comments.