Brand Photography Explained

There's a lot of talk going around about styled shoots, brand photography, and product shots. Are these all the same thing? How do you know what you need? Can you work with photographers out of state? If so, how does that work?

Being a brand photographer I find that a lot of people have these questions, even clients who have said yes to working with me! So today we're diving into the world of brand photography and answering all those questions and more.

I'll shed some light on what brand photography is, how it can help you, the different kinds of brand photography and where to go from here. Without further ado, let's get started.

The creation of custom images that reflect your business and brand
— brand photography

The key word in there are custom. Images that are created specifically with your business vision and mission in mind, and no other business owner has it.

Custom images do 2 things for you: 

       1) Custom images set you apart

It's never good if you're offering a service or product and you find out your competitor is using the exact same images. Not only does it make your business look unoriginal, it makes you forgettable, because you're showing images that have been around the block.

      2) Custom images show professionalism

When you get brand photography you're not only setting yourself apart, you're immediately presenting your business or product as professional.

Which image do you find more appealing?

I'm gonna take a guess and say probably the one on the right. 

If we see a high-quality image we automatically equate it to a high-quality product, that's how it works.

So if you're ready to be different from everyone else and you're ready to make your business more professional and high quality, it's time to consider investing in brand photography.

Do you take your own product photos but just haven't cracked the code on how to get your images to look professional? Head over here, I've got you covered.


So let's talk about the different kinds of brand photography:

There are 3 different kinds: Styled product, Styled model, and In-person brand shoot.

1. Styled Product Photoshoot*

This type of shoot is typically flatlays. Which is the shot taken from above of the product. The product is laid out strategically and is inviting and appealing. 

Styled product shots work really well for makers: jewelry designers, artists, photographers, and hand-crafters. 

*This type of shoot can be done with a photographer who is out of state as long as the product can be shipped to them.

Examples of styled product photography

2. Styled Brand Photoshoot*

Up next is the second kind of shoot, my personal favorite. This involves taking photos of the product, styling it with a model.

This type of shoot is one of the best ways to show off a product because it captures the feeling of the brand so well while using the human touch.

*This type of shoot can also be done with an out of state photographer.


Styled Brand Photoshoot for MeritMade


Styled Brand Photoshoot for Sonya Leigh Designs

Both of these examples are styled photoshoots I did for two different jewelry designers. Even though I was taking pictures of jewelry, these photos emit very different vibes.

The one on the left is more edgy, modern, moody and showcases this unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry with style. The shoot on the right for Sonya Leigh Designs is more feminine and elegant and the jewelry is very dainty and timeless, a lot like Sonya's brand. 

So even though you may be taking pictures of similar things, depending on the brand style and vibe, you can get totally unique look for your particular business.


3. In-Person Brand Photoshoot

And finally, an in-person brand photoshoot is when you get photos taken of you and your business.

This is the only type of brand photoshoot that needs to be done with a local photographer.

Brand photoshoot with Kathryn Edwards of Wine and Design, Kansas City.


How to work with an Out of State Photographer

Maybe you're thinking, that's well and good but how on earth do I work with a photographer out of state? 

There are a couple things you can do. 

You can do a trade

Working with brand photographers can get a little pricey so something I've done before is a trade. I've worked with jewelry designers who ship product to me and let me keep it.
When you do a trade keep in mind the time and effort so that you're properly compensated.

ship to and from

I'm currently working with a client who lives in New York City, and we worked out that she would be handling all the shipping. So she will ship the product to me. And I'll be shipping the product back to her once the shoot is over. 

The only thing I would offer caution on is to check the shipping prices, find out what the photographer's contract says about the shipping costs, or work out who will be covering shipping costs in the exchange.

Receiving images you love

Something that can be hard for people when working with an out of state photographer. It's hard to understand how they'll do the shoot or how the images will turn out. 

When I work with out-of-state photography clients, I have them fill out a detailed questionnaire so we're both on the same page. I get to know their brand and understand their style and audience so I can tailor my photos to their brand.


For me the most important part of the photography branding process is understanding the vision of my client.


This can be done with a shared Pinterest board, a questionnaire like I mentioned, a phone call and detailed email outlining my plans for the shoot.

After the shoot I send over several photos as sneak peaks to get their initial feedback. And from there I edit the rest of the photos and send them over.

The best thing about working with clients on their brand photography is seeing their product and brands come to life. When I get to complete the look of someone's brand and showcase their product in a new way, my clients couldn't be happier, and neither could I.

Not only do my clients walk away with beautiful images, they have a professional presence they can put on their website and social media that they can be proud of.

Interested in a Styled Brand Photoshoot? Send me an inquiry!


All photos by R Artspace

Which type of brand photography would work best for you?

Was this helpful going through the different aspects of brand photography?

Are there any questions you still have that I didn't address?