Brand Photography Showcase for Belleza Mia Jewelry

One of my favorite services to offer is styled brand photography. Specifically, showing off products with models. So when Kendra reached out to me from Belleza Mia Jewelry asking for styled model photography I was thrilled.

I have had the wonderful pleasure of working with her before so I knew her mission: her pieces aren't just jewelry, they're keepsakes, treasured items that celebrate motherhood, relationships and family. And I had the wonderful privilege of turning her vision into reality.


Kendra wanted a feeling of warmth and family for her photoshoot. And the awesome part? She trusted me completely– which is the best compliment you can give a creative.

I selected a mother and daughter that would be perfect for this shoot. The mother was also 8 months pregnant at the time, which further added to the feeling of growth, family and nurturing, all essential and wonderful aspects to the Belleza Mia brand.

I went for natural sunlight in the afternoon to give the photos that dreamy, soft look and made sure that while I did help the mother/daughter duo with some posing, I wanted each photo to look very natural, like you were peeking into a family room on any day of the week.

Great brand photos tell a story, and with the photos in this shoot, you can see the story unfold.

Kendra and I were both so happy with how this shoot turned out!


I would love to hear what you think of this shoot!

How does looking at these photos make you feel?

Have you tried model photography for your products?