Brand Photoshoot for Sonya Leigh Designs

More recently, the conversation about needing quality brand photos has been more frequent and pervasive. People, especially business owners, are understanding the need for quality photos to professionally represent their business, which is wonderful.

So when Sonya came to me in need of not only quality photos but interesting ones to represent her business I was very excited to get started.


Sonya is a fellow Kansas City creative and her business is Sonya Leigh Designs where she designs gorgeous custom jewelry. Sonya came to me with a vision and a look she was going for with her photos and I was eager to deliver. 

Sonya wanted to use models to showcase her jewelry. She wanted bright, interesting, and detailed photos that she could use to refresh her website and social media.

Sonya and I worked together before the photoshoot and talked through how I would use the jewelry, we also talked about how the jewelry should lay and layer. When the photoshoot was complete we walked through the photos and made selects to the ones she wanted to showcase on her website.

Sony's jewelry is stunning and has intricate details that are sometimes hard to see but that is the beauty of a custom brand photoshoot, you make requests on the type of shoot, how you want people to feel when they see the photos and any other special requests.

The result was what Sonya hoped for and I was happy to be apart of the process to bring her vision to life. It’s so fun to work on a project that makes the client so happy. Take a look!



I did two photoshoots. The first one had limited jewelry so I did a second shoot to showcase more jewelry. 

And I also focused more on tighter angles and up-close shots. Sonya loved the results and so did I!


These following photos are some of my favorites! We had such a beautiful day for the photoshoot, the lighting made a huge positive impact on how the photos turned out.

If you want to learn more about how to master outdoor lighting, check out this post.



I would love to hear what you think of this brand photoshoot!

Are you a product maker and would like to showcase your work with branded , styled photography? Contact me here, and let's get started!