Brand Reveal for Romancing Yourself


My favorite things about working with branding clients is bringing their vision to life. Most of the time, my clients have a clear vision of the vibe and style of their brand and they know who they want to attract. But they just don't know how to get there with their visuals.

And my holistic coaching client, was in this same boat.


Dr. Marianne Zamierowski had a vivid idea of her style, the direction for her brand with some big goals for her future. She envisioned a brand that was stylish, modern, slightly with a boho feel, and one that looked high-end to attract those high-end clients.

Needless to say, I was excited and up for the challenge! I wanted to create something that captured the diversity of her holistic coaching service while also helping women feel empowered, excited and ready to start a new chapter of their life.

Marianne specifically asked for a design that could grow with her for years to come. So, with all these things in mind, I began the process with the inspiration board (AKA, moodboard).

Here is where we narrowed in on her style, direction, and vibe.



From there we went through 3 phases of the process working through the color palette, logo, and collateral items such as the business cards and social media images.

For the logo, I wanted it to be a combination of a sunflower and sunburst, brimming with new life, excitement, and joy symbolizing the journey Dr. Marianne's clients go through. I also brought in vibrant colors such as rose, navy, wine and gold displaying the depth and richness to this personal journey with navy being a key color alluding to the wisdom and trust Dr. Marianne brings to every client through her knowledge and experience in the field.

I was just as excited as Marianne when she told me it was exactly what she was wanting but never knew how to create it visually.


The final outcome is something she can use for years to come that is diverse and will grow with her and her company!  This is what Dr. Marianne had to say about the experience:

RuthAnn has been a joy and delight to work with! She really captured my brand philosophy and translated it into pictures. She captured it so well that it’s like we’ve known each other for years. I highly recommend not only her delivered work, but her professionalism, style and programs that made this whole process seamless. I look forward to working with her further!
— Dr. Marianne Zamierowski
RY-brand-displayArtboard 8.jpg

I encourage you to head over to Dr. Marianne's Instagram or on her website to receive inspirational encouragement and to find out more about her programs. 

I would love to hear what you think of the new brand!