Cut Out the Distractions

Some of you may know this, and some of you may not, but I'm a side hustler. I started my business a little over a year ago and I do it on the side to my day job (if you were wondering where the phrase side-hustler came from ;).

I started a "Road to Full Time Blog" in the last few months but it turned into something that I didn't want to put energy into. 

So, I re-evaluated my structure and I will start posting to THIS blog on Thursdays and it will be all the things I'm learning on this business journey as how I am planning on transitioning to full time as well actionable takeaways that I'm working on that can hopefully help you too as we pursue the life we want.

So let's jump in!


I think everyone has their "come to Jesus" moment in business when they crash and question everything about what they're doing, what they're trying to accomplish, and how can I do this without going crazy.

This was me a few weeks ago. If you wanna read the whole story you can check out Monday's post talking about how I thought I would be energized when I came home from vacation but I was sorely disappointed - go to post

But I realized, after coming home from vacation, that I needed to cut out all the things that weren't my priority right now. So that short list included social media.

It's not that I'm getting off social media forever, and I pop in now and again in FB groups and Instagram but it's not to the obsessive level it used to be at. Cutting out social media gives me more time to focus on what I REALLY need to be doing: working on my systems.

I realized the only way to move forward without being overwhelmed every time I sign on a new client is I need to get ORGANIZED.

Now, I feel like I am organized, but if I'm getting stressed every time a client inquires, then something is off. 

So, my intentional strategy for MAY is:

Work on my client management system.

I use Dubsado which I love because you can do all your contracts, proposals, invoices all in one system. So it's my goal is to get more familiar with the software and get all the "paperwork" side of things under control.

Breaking that down even more: I am working on my design packages: that includes getting my contracts, proposals, workflows, and invoicing structure ready for each design package I offer.

Doesn't sound fun or sexy, but doing this will help me feel more confident and in control when new potential clients inquire.

What's something you need to focus your attention on?

Are you wasting time on something that isn't moving you forward?

I would love to hear from you!