Doing the Daily

I once heard it said that marriage isn’t hard, it’s just daily. I think that's so true. And I think the same can be said in business.

For marriage, a typical day includes ups and downs with work, with your emotions and in communication. Sometimes I deal with frustrations well and sometimes not. But the sun comes up every morning and I'm given another day to try again, to do better, and continue the good work. And that's how it is in business.


As far as business, a lot of times we have goals and high hopes. One might say, “in five years, I hope to have my business grow to have employees and monetize with a six-figure income." Or another goal could be non-business related such as, “by this time next year I want to look the best I ever have in a swimsuit.” We can make these goals and dream of outcomes all day long, but at the end of the day if we’re not making baby steps now, we won’t get there later. 

Sometimes I don’t want to open the InDesign file, I would rather eat crackers with cheese and watch Netflix. And sometimes it’s more fun to doodle and think about how great a new project will be when it’s finished without actually doing the work to finish it. I’m talking to myself now, but sometimes we need to catch our goal in our mind and think of the babiest, tiniest step to get there and do that. Everyday. 

Every day we need to do something to get us to our goal and one day we’ll realize that we’ve achieved it.

To anyone who works out or runs this is exactly how it is. You’re not born a runner, no one is (or everyone is, depending on how you look at it). You work at it, you train, you stretch and one day you run a marathon. It doesn’t happen overnight, but with every morning you choose to get up and run before the sun creeps over the hill. And with every run both the painful and the free-spirited you’re making your dream of crossing the finish line come true.

And that’s how it is. In life, in marriage, in staying in shape, and in business. No one comes out the gate an overnight success. I don’t believe in overnight successes (anymore). I thought so many times that’s how those successful people are. They just wake up and choose to be successful and they are.

But it takes the daily grind.

If you’re at a desk job and working a side hustle you will push through to quitting your day job and making your dream a reality but you must do the work. The magic potion is: determination and consistency. Or perseverance and patience. You get my drift. It’s those words we don’t like. Patience. Just saying it is difficult! Having patience is like being ok that something may take a really long time. It can be miserable in the grind, but if you’re patient and work at it consistently, you will achieve your goals.

One day at a time. You can do this!