Everly Brand Launch

I’m so excited to share a brand I’ve been working on. This was a personal project but even so I loved designing for a wedding stylist and solving her problems. Everly is a company that does wedding styling and the woman behind it makes any wedding she touches truly gorgeous with thoughtful details and romantic styling.

In my branding services, I offer photography as well as design. So the inspiration board was made up of customized images for the Everly brand. Part of my design philosophy is that every piece of design should be crafted to showcase your unique business vision (if you're interested, learn about my all-inclusive branding package).

So in the beginning we used a Pinterest board to find out color combinations and visual direction but to complete my branding process I make their own unique inspiration board to coincide with their own unique brand.

And here is how the final designs and images came together. 


The top 3 words she wanted to describe the brand were romantic, classy and dreamy. I used these words to create a branding board that displays rich colors and soft, sun-soaked imagery. I wanted the looks to be somewhat dreamy and fairy-tale-esk. I used muted colors to evoke femininity and softness and an accent of rich purple to encapsulate a feeling of imagination and wonder, drawing from the word "fairytale" used in the tag-line.

From design to photos, each image has a cohesive look that fits together beautifully. This  consistency only reinforces a brand's trustworthiness and professionalism. Each image gives off a certain feeling of romance and classiness and I love how they turned out!

If you're interested in getting some branding yourself, or have questions of any kind about my services I would love to connect with you