Five Salon Brand Launch

I’m so excited to share this brand development for Five Salon, a beauty and styling boutique. Although this was a personal project, there were problems and solutions that I solved for this fictitious company.  
Five Salon is run by 5 stylists who each specialize in hair, nails, and all things beauty. Five was looking for sophisticated, modern, feminine, and high end design to represent their brand for their business. I was so happy to work on this project and create branding that embodies those characteristics they were searching for.


It all began with an inspiration board that helped me see the direction the ladies wanted to go which helped lead to a sophisticated color palette.



Photo credit: long dark hair // salon // stylish woman


During development of the logo, we wanted to incorporate a woman with long hair and also the number 5. We went about it many ways, and although the 5 is extremely subtle, we ended on a way that looked the most clean, neat and sophisticated to match their style.





Going on to fonts, patterns, and collateral it was such a joy to make their business vision come to life.




I would love to hear what you think of the new brand for Five!

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