Growing Organically the Non-Sexy Way to a Successful Business

Let’s be honest, starting a blog or business is tough for a lot of reasons. You’re trying to find your voice and figure out what to say. You’re trying to find your audience and establish your tribe and you want to offer something that people will actually buy.

Do you think there a way to break through all the noise and come out on top to “make it?” I think there a lot of answers to this, but there is one glaring factor that should be talked about that is often pushed to the side. And that is growing organically. 


Growing organically is something not a lot of people are talking about. Why? Because it’s not glamorous. It’s not sexy.

It’s everyday making choices to grow, making choices to improve and making choices to learn. The truth is, growing slowly can look like nothing is happening, it can look boring, it can look defeating, it may even look directionless and lack purpose.

But growing slowly is a sure way to success. 

Growing slowly establishes trust. Establishing trust looks like taking your time to post on your blog consistently. It looks like being engaged on social media. It looks like cultivating relationships with your tribe or clients. And it looks like consistency in branding.

Because these things don’t happen overnight, it’s easy to get discouraged and quit. But I’m here to say that I’m right there with you and this season of slow growth won’t last forever.

So my hubby and I recently bought our first house, a cute, perfect little fixer upper. So we’re in the process of gutting the kitchen and main bath. We’ve scrapped off popcorn ceilings and steamed off old wallpaper. It’s been a bigger project than we originally thought.

There’s a lot of work that needs to be done still, but it’s coming along. So I was talking to my sister about the progress on the house the other day and she asked if the whole process is fun. Fun? Yeah. It’s a ton of work, but it’s good. I love working on a project with my man and getting to choose everything we want, but it’s definitely a lot of work. What we’re working on is a long process that has been and will be several months. No immediate gratification here.

We’re choosing paint colors, cabinets, flooring, carpet – the whole works. And we’re making all these decisions piece by piece. We won’t see how it looks til it’s all done. And that’s how it is for your blog or business too: choices that will culminate to a successful end result. But, it takes time.

For me, it’s all those things I listed above. I’m trying to find my voice, find out what people want to read with this blog, I’m trying to cultivate a tribe and find clients and it’s hard when you feel like you’re doing things right but you see little and slow growth.

I feel like we read of people who grow their email list by thousands overnight and people who get clients from the get-go but that’s not my story. I’m sure there are things I can improve on and when we get done with the house, that will free up a lot of time so I can focus more on... everything business related!

So, if you are experiencing a slow maybe uphill battle you’re not alone. No one just wakes up one day and creates a successful business. It takes time and for those people who are industry leaders, who knows how much time they’ve spent behind the scenes building something sustainable and organically. 

So as you go through the daily grind, keep a long-term mindset and remember the things you want. You will get there if you continue to grow, learn and be consistent you will see the results you want – much like trying to lose weight. It doesn’t happen overnight and if you continue to press on you’ll see change.

Does slow growth push you or does it deter you?

What are your initial thoughts on growing a business organically?

I would love to hear your thoughts and find out about how your process is going.


If you're just starting your business journey and would like someone to bounce ideas off of or someone to share goals and encourage each other I would love to connect with you! Drop me a line and I would love to hear from you.