How to Nail Your Own Photoshoot

First off, before we get started, I think everyone who has a blog or website should have a professional photo of themselves. Not a well-crafted selfie, but a real and professional pic that is representative of how you are, your personality, and your style... and taken with a good lens. Ok, now that that’s out of the way...

When I do photoshoots with people, it surprises me how many of them are nervous or how they talk down about how they look when they obviously look great and they have no reason to be nervous at all. But if this is you, I have several tips for how to nail your own photoshoot.


Don’t talk yourself down

This means take a breath and shake out all your nerves before stepping behind the camera. Calm yourself down by giving yourself a little positive self talk, something like, I’m gonna do great with this photoshoot. I can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out. Being positive beforehand can positively prepare you mentally and can motivate you to be creative in your poses and being more excited which will come across in the pics.



Be yourself

Don’t feel like you need to put on any airs, it’s just you and the cameraman (or camerawoman). If you’re goofy and quirky, be goofy and quirky. If your professional and reserved, be that way. You will always be the most relaxed when you’re exactly yourself and not trying too hard to be something you’re not.



Look your best

I think people are the most confident when they feel good about themselves and the same thing happens when you have photos taken. If you feel beautiful and confident it comes across in the pictures. Do your hair up, put on some extra make-up, this is your photoshoot! Take full advantage and strut your stuff.

And another point, Wear clothing that you feel confident in and clothing you’re comfortable in. If you’re not comfortable it will come across on camera. Be able to move around easily and with confidence.


Relax and Have Fun

If the photographer gives you a pose and you’re not feeling it, just laugh and go with it. Be open to suggestions but also be creative and come up with some of your own poses. The main thing is, don't overthink things and just have a good time.

The genuine laughs are the best. If you’re doing a photoshoot with your family or significant other, have a blast and enjoy the time with them. Giving yourself permission to have fun and relax really is the best way to 1) enjoy the photoshoot, but 2) get genuine smiles and laughs on camera.

Keep Good Posture

This is something I find myself telling clients I work with quite often. It may feel funny to put your shoulders way back and arch your back or whatever the case may be but it translates to photos. Go with the photographer on this one and do them a favor of keeping your chin down, shoulders relaxed and sit up straight ;)


Your smile is your best attribute 

Ham it up and smile big. But not a fake smile. The truth is, everyone can tell a fake smile. So when the photographer is pointing their camera at you, think of your favorite funny tv show or something your bestie said that cracked you up. Bring to mind those great memories and you’ll have a winning smile that will translate through to your photos.


So, to review: Don't talk down to yourself, relax and have fun, look your best, be yourself, 
keep good posture and smile genuinely. Do these things and you will have an awesome photoshoot, one you can't wait to add to your website or share on social media.

I hope you've found these tips helpful. 

Do you find it easy or difficult being in front of the camera?

What is one thing you find the most enjoyable about doing a professional photoshoot?