Lighting 3 Simple Tools to Fix Photos in Photoshop

Today, I'm very excited to bring you my very first ever video tutorial! This came as a request from one of my subscribers, and I'm so happy to do it. The request had to do with how to use Photoshop to fix photos. And I thought a video would be the best way.

The tools we go over today are 3 different lighting tools you can use to enhance your photos. Honestly, my photos improve so much thanks to this application. So I'm sharing some basics to help you improve yours too.  


Photoshop is one of my favorite applications for correcting photos and making my pics look more professional. I currently am subscribed to Creative Cloud which is a bundle of the Adobe software into a monthly fee, but the nice thing is that whenever updates are made, there's no additional downloads or anything. Updates are automatic.

In the video I go through the steps to editing photos (I may have gone through them a little fast, can you tell I'm kinda nervous?)  but feel free to pause or replay if necessary.

I also have a download for you before we get started. The download is the photo I'm editing so we can walk through the editing process together. And when the editing is complete, feel free to use the photo how you please.*



Basic Lighting Tools for Photoshop

To start off, make sure you have the Adjustments tab open. And you can make sure by going to the Window tab, scrolling down and making sure Adjustments is checked off. 

1. Levels

The first tool we go over is the Levels tool in the Adjustments panel. 

The layers panel is really helpful because you can get very detailed with how you want the lighting to look. By adjusting the little triangles you can adjust brightness, shadows, and mid-tones.


2. Hue / Saturation


The Hue/Saturation tool is very useful. You can adjust the hue of the picture, and saturation - which puts in or pulls out color, and lightness - which puts in more white, or puts in more black. 


3. Brightness / Contrast

The Brightness/Contrast tool gives you the ability to make a photo darker or lighter (which is what I use for this photo) and you can adjust the contrast which brightens highlights and pulls out shadows.

I mention quite a few keyboard shortcuts, so here is a quick guide to helping you navigate how to use Photoshop the fast way.


And you can too. The one shortcut I mentioned that you can use to focus in on a certain spot, is add in your adjustment, whether it be a Level or Brightness/Contrast then press command (apple) + i and this inverts the layer, so you can now use the brush to highlight or lowlight what you want. 

Using these tools I'm able to take a photo from just ok to wow. And you can too. 


This blog post is quite a departure from other types of posts I've done, but I hope you find this way helpful. I find it much easier to follow along when I see step-by-step.

If you have any questions about Photoshop or about photography shoot me a line, or comment below, and I will do my best to answer them. I would love to make tutorials a resource that can help you make your brand photos more beautiful. Some videos I am planning on making are how to make a drop shadow for product, and how to cut out a shape.

Let me know what you think!

Did you find this helpful?

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*I do ask that you would photo credit R Artspace @r.artspace if using the photo for your social media.