Brand Launch for Lp Photography


Lindsay reached out to me ready to make a change. She wanted a sophisticated brand to match her gorgeous and unique photography and I was beyond excited to work with her and give her just that.

I'm so excited to share the process with you from inspiration all way to website design, so without further ado, let me show you!


We started with an inspiration board. We gather photos from Pinterest and I design a board that represents the style and feel that the brand will be.

I chose a more simplistic approach for Lindsay, not adding in too many photos, but keeping it minimal and focused. Some of the words she described her ideal brand to be were elegant, classy, sophisticated, timeless, high end, intimate and quality.

One of the main concerns when choosing a direction, is that Lindsay did not want a super girlie, bubble gum pink, confetti look. She wanted something unique to her and something that wasn't trendy.

With this in mind I leaned toward a more neutral, tan palette rather than one that was obviously pink. But I made it clear that while I wanted to give her a unique look it was important to keep her brand feminine due to the fact that her target client is a woman who chooses quality. With this in mind, I came up with a direction and colors we both loved and we moved on to the logo creation. 


Image Credit
bedroom / styled table setting / stylish woman


In every aspect of the process, Lindsay knew the direction she wanted to go in and the logo-decision-making process was no different. We chose a minimal, classic, and approachable look for her logo and variation and I'm thrilled that she loves them!

Something I love is the element design I made for the logo. The L and P are both inside the curly lettering. I'm so glad it got chosen to be with the final design!


The next step in my process is to do a styled brand photoshoot. This is where I come up with props, backgrounds and concepts for how to put her branding into styled photos. 

One of the main things I wanted to do with her shoot was keep the intimate feel and classic style. Since Lindsay does photography of an intimate nature I wanted to keep the styled photos in line with her work.

So I used props of high value and femininity such as the white roses, pearls, a satin ribbon and make-up. I also kept these photos a little on the darker side and had a candle lit (not in the photos) so candle light would reflect on some of the pieces. These seemingly insignificant details gives these images a sense of warmth, a layer of intimacy and a special quality.


Then it's the fun part, where we combine all the things we've worked on together into a strategic and engaging website.

For Lindsay I used the Showit 5 platform and have to say, I LOVE how it turned out. Showit was a great option for Lindsay because I created it from scratch to fit her work, style and brand.  

There were also some fun interactive features we put in like the illustrations on her About page. Not only did we make her site more engaging, but it also allowed us to showcase her work better with styled galleries. There were also some fun interactive features we put in like the illustrations on her About page. Showit is a great platform that I highly recommend.



We loved how it turned out!

I didn't even mention that we also did business cards, Facebook cover design, Instagram branding and more! I do my best to make sure my client has a streamlined look across all platforms as well as a comprehensive understanding of how the brand and site work.

I am so honored and lucky to have worked with such a talented photographer and wonderful person. Lindsay was a joy to work with and I can't wait to see what she does next! To see her full website go here!

What do you think of the brand? I would love to hear your thoughts!