Make Time for Your Biz

When was the last time you gave yourself a good chunk of time to review your brand and business plan?

For the last few months, I've found myself flying by the seat of my pants, trying to stay on top of it all and hoping everything would stay in order!

But recently I've had a change of heart. I want to treat myself like I treat my clients and give my business real, focused time. How do I mean? Let me explain...


When I work with my branding clients, I start at the heart, finding out their why, how they're unique, and what they want to be known for then, I design from there.

The last time I did this with myself was a while ago and things have changed since then. I want to get back to those heart reasons, narrow in on what makes me unique and give myself an updated look.

Block off time for yourself

So what I intend to do, is carve time to work solely on my business. Since I don't have a lot of time anyway, carving out specific time is necessary.

Right now I'm working with a Full Branding client and hers is a 4 week project. We will complete her brand and website by the end of next week, which leaves me with the following 4 weeks to work on my own brand and business.

What do you need to work on?

For some of us, we need to get back to our "why," some of us need to update our portfolio or website, some of us need branding... whatever it is that you've been putting off, you need to make those changes so you can move forward.

For me, it's all of the above! I have a lot of plans and changes I want to make and I'm really looking forward to putting dedicated time into it.

It's all about time management; knowing how much you have to do and allotting time to make those changes.

Oh, those systems

While I've been making progress on my systems and internal "flow" like I talked about last week, I still have a ways to go. So that is another thing I'll be working on.

Planning out my work like I would with a client

I can get distracted quite easily, so the goal when working for myself (or, on my own stuff) is to set a schedule for myself like I do with my clients.

Doing this will help me stay on track, stay focused and have an end-goal in mind. 

It's all about taking baby steps, but you want to make sure you have a road map to show you where you're going.


So that's the plan. By this time next week I'll be wrapping up my client project, getting some more paperwork stuff done, and gearing up to work with myself! Haha

Do you make time to work on your own business?

Why or why not?