Secrets to Engaging Product Photography

Product photoshoots can be a bit boring. Most of the time. There's only so many ways you can snap a photo of something. Unless you work with people, and unless you work with me ;)

I always strive to make the shoots I'm involved with more on brand and more engaging than the average still shot.

Wanna know my secret? Read on.


I partnered with Kendra of Belleza Mia Jewelry for this photoshoot and it was an absolute pleasure. 

Kendra's pieces are delicate, feminine, and perfect for women and moms on the go who need that little piece of jewelry to bring their outfit to life. 

Not only are Kendra's pieces beautiful they're meaningful. She offer Ready-to-Ship pieces and also necklaces for moms where you can customize your child's birthstone. Some of the necklaces have phrases, some do not, but all of them have meaning behind them.

I started out doing the usual shots to make sure there were some basic shots available.



This is where I added in my model's little baby. I really wanted to have a baby in some of the shots so that people can immediately identify that family is important, which was one of Kendra's key descriptions of her ideal client, and that there is a lot of love and meaning behind each piece of jewelry.

I love how these turned out and it's nice to see a different side to the standard shoot.



So, time to reveal my secrets:

1. Add in the human touch

People don't connect with products. People connect with people. Find a way to incorporate humans to your product photography. And if you can't do that, think of a comfortable, inviting space to show off your products in. The environment for the product is just as important as the product itself.

2. think of what you want your customers to know immediately

A picture can say a thousand words and it's fun when you can play around with different aspects. In this case, I wanted to make sure I got the main, basic shots done, but also I made sure to get some shots that were more unique, intriguing, and engaging.

If you saw some of those first photos, you wouldn't think that Kendra's jewelry is primarily for mothers. So what better way to communicate that these necklaces are for mothers than adding in a baby?

Not only does this make the photo more interesting, it tells a story. And that's what strong brands do, they tell a story. Through visuals or through language, telling stories in your brand is the most powerful thing you can do.


I hope these tips encouraged you to think outside the box with your own product shoots. And definitely check out Belleza Mia and all the beautiful, love-filled, jewelry for your everyday.