A Key Ingredient to Accelerating Your Product-Based Business

As of September 5, 2017, there are 1.8 million sellers on Etsy, selling over 45 million products. That's a lot of buying and selling going on JUST on that little, OK, big platform. 

It's a busy marketplace and if you're a seller on that platform, it's probably hard to be heard over the throng of all the other product-makers. 

But, I have great news for you, there is one, sure way to get noticed that will not only set you apart but have customers notice you immediately and potentially buy from you faster.



If you're thinking it's an algorithm or some type of technology to boost your business you're wrong. It's more accessible than you may think but sometimes hard to implement. I'm referring to professional photography.

According to studies, 46% of marketers say photography is critical to their current marketing and social media strategies. Why? You may ask. Great question.

1. great photos exhibit professionalism 

Think about it. You won't see an expensive brand using poor quality photos. And when you see high-quality photos you immediately think professional. 

Big brands understand the importance of quality photos and that's why they spend big bucks to ensure that their photos are on-point for attracting potential customers.

2. Professional photos represent quality

When you see high-quality images you immediately think quality. This is why stock photography is very popular because businesses want to invest in high-quality images and purchasing stock photography, from sources like iStockPhoto or Getty Images, is a quick, relatively inexpensive, way to do that. 

3. Professional photos initiates trust

Using quality photos showcases your business’s expertise and professionalism which has the underlying effect of initiating trust with your potential customer. 

Knowing that a business took time in presenting quality photos to represent their brand has an underlying message of being reliable, able to deliver and one that you can trust making a purchase with.


If you know that quality photos should be a priority for your business but just haven't gotten around to hiring a photographer, or DIYing them yourself you're in luck. 

If you've been frustrated with your photo sessions, I've created the solution you've been waiting for. The solution is a comprehensive video course that walks you through each and every important step in the process of getting great photos. Every. single. time. 


Do you struggle with taking quality photos of your product?

What's the one problem you have the most often when taking photos?