How to Take on Projects as a Side Hustler


There's a lot of pros and cons to being a side-hustler. Some days I'm super thankful I have my day job and other days I'm like "WHY?!" 

It's an emotional roller-coaster to say the least. 

But have you ever thought about the great advantages there are to being a side-hustler? Let me break down a few things I'm grateful for in reference to taking on projects with my side-hustle. 


1. No pressure

A major plus to being a side-hustler is that there's no financial pressure.

Yes, it would be nice to make money and get more clients but it's not like you have the pay the bills with your business, in most cases.

Taking away the stress of providing financially can really open up your creativity and give you a renewed sense of inspiration.

2. You SHOULD be selective

Having your own business gives you the right to be selective with the work you bring on, clients you market to, and offerings you want to promote.

When you're full-time for yourself sometimes you don't have that luxury because you have to pay rent or your electric bill. But as a side-hustler, you have the luxury of choosing what work you want to spend your precious time on and what work you SHOULD NOT take on. 

Don't feel like just because work comes your way that you have to take it. Be choosy. Know what kinds of projects you want and go after ONLY those projects.

Build your portfolio with work that you're super excited about and proud of, because it will only draw similar projects and clients your way. 

3. Experiment and tweak 

Being selective with the work you bring on also means that you can choose to take more risks.

If you want to try something completely new, you have more freedom because you can afford to experiment.

Sometimes, knowing you have to pay the bills can stifle your creativity and keep you in a creative rut where you feel like you can't try new things.

So, if you find yourself sitting at your cubicle at your day job, be excited.

You don't have the pressure of providing financially, you can be more selective with the work you bring on and you have complete creative freedom to experiment.

Now is the time!

I would love to hear your pros if you're a side-hustler.