Starting Somewhere and Figuring it Out

I used to like spontaneity but nowadays I prefer a predictable future. Unfortunately, the choice of entrepreneurship is anything but predictable. It’s risky.

It’s unpredictable because your new idea could be a huge success or just mediocre and risky because your financial success is dependent on your own drive and determination, rather than the predictable, steady 2-week paycheck of a 9-5. So, what do you do when you want to plan for wild success but you just don’t know how to get there?

It All Starts Somewhere

I don’t know of anyone who has started a business or company who knows everything about the industry, or even the business. It takes jumping in to know where you are, how you can improve and what actions to take to get to where you want to be.

Before I was going to launch my website I wanted it to be perfect. I changed the template multiple times and spent months making it into the best website I thought it could be. But a couple weeks after my site launched I received some feedback (that was much appreciated) on how it could be improved. 

And even through my own perspective of having my website up for several weeks I realized where I could make changes to it, how my copy could be improved and other beneficial adjustments that need to be made in the layout. So even though I spent months and months making it great, I still had to make improvements once it was launched.

The point is, you don’t know why or how to make changes until it’s out in the world and you can see how it’s working or not. If an idea is your head and you keep it close to you, of course there will be no flaws. But once you unveil it and you get to see how your idea is interacting with people in the world, only then can see where and how to improve it.


Figure it Out

Back when I was in college, one thing that irritated me so much with my graphic design professor was when I asked how to do something he would respond with “figure it out.” He would end up showing me but only after I had thoroughly investigated it myself. I would have preferred he just say “do this” or “do that” but he forced me to think through how I could get the desired outcome with the knowledge I had. 

This little lesson of “figuring it out for yourself” is necessary in the world of entrepreneurship. One of the only ways to see if something will work or to know how something works is to actually jump in and figure it out.

Especially when you're forging the way with a new idea, strategy, product or service, you have to figure it out. Going into this process with the knowledge that this process will take effort, critical thinking, planning and strategy, you will be more prepared and less flustered.

Figuring it out may take time but it's all about starting.


Start Where You're At

Even if you’re not ready, publish your post or unveil your product.

Maybe not exactly like that, but if you keep putting your project off and you know it can be great but just needs a few more tweaks, just let it go. I know this is a seemingly fearless thing to do, but even with us who have launched - it's still terrifying. 

There’s no difference between those who have started and those who haven’t, except those who have are getting experience faster which leads to perhaps greater confidence than those who haven’t started. 

The sooner you start, even if it's not perfect or maybe even completely ready, the faster you can learn, the quicker you can implement changes and the sooner you can pivot an idea if needed.


It Takes Time

As you grow personally and in your business you will learn the ways. If you keep making effort in your business, honing your skill set and learning more about communicating with clients, you will continue to grow in knowledge of how to where to improve.

Things won’t be perfect but you will learn and adapt and perfect. Give yourself grace to grow and time to become better. 

But you need to start somewhere and as you go, figure it out. I know you will.


What is your excuse if you haven’t started yet?

Does the phrase “figure it out” intimidate you? Scare you? Overwhelm you?

If you could start anything right now, what would you start?