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15 Creative Ways to Use Styled Photography

Taking your own styled photos, or getting brand photos taken for you, is one of the best ways to extend your brand with unique images that can make your memorable and stand out.

Not only do brand photos (meaning, photos taken specifically for YOUR business) give your business it's own personality, but it also sets it apart with professionalism, creativity, and confidence.

Ok, ok, you may be thinking. So how do I actually use my brand photos to the fullest extent?

I would love to unpack 15 creative ways you can use your photos to extend your brand.

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The 6 Essentials When Starting Your Business

When you first step into the world of online business it can be overwhelming, to say the least. There is so much you “need” to do, or “should” do when you have an online business.

I want to encourage you, if you are just starting out, congrats to getting this far –but don’t get distracted with all the “shoulds” cause trust me, there’s a lot.

One of the things you may think is necessary to invest in, is branding. As a brand designer, having a polished, professional brand can really take your business to the next level, but it’s not the most important thing when you’re first starting out.

Let me share with you 6 things I have found to be the most important and necessary when starting your business.

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15 Ways to Use Brand Photography

I’m a huge advocate for business owners purchasing tailored stock photos for their business.

Just to name a few of the many reasons: Brand photos give your business personality, professionalism and when they’re original to your business they can show dimension and creativity.

But the inevitable question always comes up. How am I supposed to use these photos?

Today I would love to unpack the many ways you can use brand photos for your business and how you can get creative with what you have.

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8 Things to Focus On As a New Business Owner

There’s a lot that goes into starting a business. One of the main things people (like myself) get hung up on is branding and visuals. But, I'm here to tell you, it's at the bottom of the list of things you should be doing when you first start out.

I’m a brand designer, and there’s so much to be said for having polished professional branding, but I wouldn't say it's the most important thing.

I know this may seem counterintuitive for a brand designer to say that, but truthfully, there are some other things that are more important. Take a look at the list to find out what made the cut.

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5 Tips for Growing Your Client Queue

Everyone is looking for more clients. One of the worst things is feeling like you have an incredible product or service that helps people but no one knows about it. Or no one is choosing to buy.

Getting people to purchase from you is the goal to all business owners, and for freelancers, it is both the great thing and not-so-great thing of working when you want. 
So how do you find more clients? I have some tips I would like to share that I have seen firsthand and that I have observed in industry leaders.

Just like any good habit needs repetition, commitment, and perseverance, so these strategies can benefit you in the long run if you choose commit to implementing them on the regular.

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How to Narrow in on Your Brand Style

This is for those of you who would label yourself as “in love with too many things.” And I totally hear you! I am the same way. When you start your business, or blog, or side hustle, the hardest thing to do is narrow in on a particular style for your brand. Been there, done that - and you know what? I’m still working on it! I honestly think every business owner is constantly evolving, therefore their style is evolving.

You know what they say, “nothing is more constant than change.”

But just because you’re constantly changing  doesn’t mean you can’t settle in on one style for your brand to put on your site now. I encourage that you find your current style and when you figure it out, run with it! So here are a few tips to discovering your brand’s style and how to showcase it:

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