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Lighting 3 Simple Tools to Fix Photos in Photoshop

So I'm very excited to bring you my very first ever video tutorial! This came as a request from one of my subscribers, and I'm so happy to do it. Well, not the video, but how to use Photoshop to fix photos. And I thought a video would be the best way.

The tools we go over today are 3 different lighting tools you can use to enhance your photos. Honestly, I don't think any of my photos would look good without Photoshop. I've come to rely on it very much, but even now as my photography skills improve, it's also nice to have a little backup.

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Content Overload and How to Overcome

I had high hopes when I began R Artspace, my little business I would be side-hustling until I could quit my day job and work for myself. I did my research. I knew (basically) what I would offer and what to do when I started when I would launch my site.

But then I started, meaning launched my website and I realized that I was unprepared. Why was I unprepared when I had done so much research into online business and branding? 

I was unprepared because this was all new to me. I had no idea what I was doing. How to find clients, how to promote my services, how to make systems for your business, how to manage those systems, and I definitely didn’t know how much you have to be on top of social media. 

The only thing I really knew how to do was my expertise, what I went into business for in the first place: art, design, photography.

But unfortunately there are a lot of other things you do when you start a business besides your expertise. And because I needed to find out about how to do everything, I was researching and soaking up all the content I could, which brought me to feeling extremely overwhelmed by content overload.

I know first hand, even when you start out with the best of intentions, you can get pulled into feeling like you need to do everything. And sometimes with so much to do it can get to a point where you don't do anything cause you don't exactly know what you should be doing first.


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