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4 Strategies for Getting Over Perfectionism

Have you ever listened to the podcast Entrepreneur on Fire? In case you haven’t, John Lee Dumas interviews successful entrepreneurs and one of the questions he asks is what their biggest weakness is. To my surprise, many of them say that they’re perfectionist tendencies are their biggest weakness. For one, thank goodness I’m not the only one who struggles with this! And, for two, there is hope for us perfectionists!

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How to Narrow in on Your Brand Style

This is for those of you who would label yourself as “in love with too many things.” And I totally hear you! I am the same way. When you start your business, or blog, or side hustle, the hardest thing to do is narrow in on a particular style for your brand. Been there, done that - and you know what? I’m still working on it! I honestly think every business owner is constantly evolving, therefore their style is evolving.

You know what they say, “nothing is more constant than change.”

But just because you’re constantly changing  doesn’t mean you can’t settle in on one style for your brand to put on your site now. I encourage that you find your current style and when you figure it out, run with it! So here are a few tips to discovering your brand’s style and how to showcase it:

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Part III The What, Why and How of Branding

Like most things, from the outside looking in, branding looks pretty easy and it looks like a lot of fun. 

But, like with most things as well, it’s really difficult when you actually do it. It takes practice and planning. 

Today I’ll go over the main things I do when developing a brand for a business. This is my branding process and I definitely think it can work for anyone else who is looking to brand themselves or are interested in how it all works. It all starts with questions.

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