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A Guide to Choosing Your Business Name

The idea for a business normally comes first, then the dreaded task of finding the perfect name. You want that name that is everything - explains what you have to offer, shows your strengths, represents your unique offering... But how on earth do you go about choosing a name that represents how great you and your services are?

This is a common struggle for any budding business. I found this out first hand while working with an upcoming branding client. We were planning out the timeline for her branding schedule and then she nonchalantly mentioned that she needed to pick out a name first. I found it surprising and kind of funny how she was like, oh yeah, I need to do that. 

The good news is, like my client, the decision for picking out a name doesn’t need to hinder you from starting. You can always begin to get the ball rolling even without having a finalized name. So I’m writing this post with my client in mind, and for anyone else who is ready to start their business but are stuck at this point.

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