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Brand Launch for Healthy Pelican

Working with Whitney Andrus on the Healthy Pelican brand was a true joy. I used Whitney's excitement and her vibrant personality as inspiration for the brand which gave to a bold and playful color palette and expressive photos.

Whitney is a health blogger and she created Healthy Pelican as an online resource for moms (and women in general) seeking a healthy, manageable lifestyle.

Some of the words she chose to represent her brand were simple, open, relatable, light-hearted, and real. Her brand ended up being light and airy, feminine yet bold - a combination we both loved! At a glance you can tell that Healthy Pelican is about inspiration, everyday, and positivity. 

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The Major, Forgotten Element in Your Website Design

You've started your business and you've decided to either DIY your own website or invest with a website designer.

You're all ready to go with how many pages in the navigation, the copy for your about page, then your website designer asks for the photos you want to include. Uhhh... I'm supposed to find those? You immediately think.

The glaring problem is that you need professional photos that align with your brand, because photos are the gatekeeper for whether people come and spend time on your site or dismiss it and move on.

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How to Convey the Charisma of Your Business with Photography

One of the great benefits for using photography for your business is the versatility you have with photos.

What do I mean by that? 

Photography can convey personality, through your lighting, the colors you use, and even the setting for your subject. These 3 things can help you stand out among other businesses and represent a personality all your own.

Even if you wouldn’t consider yourself a photographer, you can keep these tactics in mind for when you use stock photos (if you wanted to edit them using Photoshop) or even if you work with a photographer down the road.

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