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How to Effectively Use Your Greatest Resource

Solve this riddle:

It's our most valuable commodity
Here the playing field is the same,
Day by day we lose more and more
But if we invest in it, we gain.

If you know what it is, it's true. This is the most valuable commodity we’re given, more than money, more than popularity, even more than personality. If you know how to use this one resource, and use it wisely, you’ll be the most successful person in the room.

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Finding Focus: The Cure for Shiny Object Syndrome

When you start your business it's easy to get caught up in the hype and excitement of it all. If you’re anything like me, you signed up for dozens of newsletters, you read blogs on business and you listen to lots (and lots) of podcasts. 

You’ve become a content consumer to the upmost extent. This was me. I got swept up in the rush of ‘I need to buy this course to grow,’ ‘I need to sign up for this,’ and it became a pitfall of consuming and buying which actually distracted me from the daily work of becoming excellent at my craft.

So how can you remain true to your goals without getting distracted by the excitement and whirlwind of "shoulds" and all the shiny things?

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50 Content Ideas to Boost Your Instagram Feed

It's Monday morning and I need to post to Instagram and I find myself staring at my phone. Blank canvas, blank brain, having no idea what to share.

Can you relate? Sometimes the hardest part about marketing on social media is not being prepared with some topics to talk about. And one of the hardest things, at least for me, is coming up with good topics or ideas under the pressure of needing to post something.

So this list of ideas is so we can have an arsenal of topics to pull from whenever we need to post. Because when it comes to sharing more of your business and brand, it's all about consistency and connecting.

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5 Reasons to Start Your Business with a Brand

Not all businesses have a brand. Some businesses just have a logo, like some gas stations or hardware stores. Maybe even some restaurants. Businesses can survive and do well without branding.

Then why would a business even do branding? What’s the point?

If you're contemplating about making the leap and invest in branding for your business, this post will go over the many benefits of having a brand and how it can set you apart from others in your industry.

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