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Dealing with Fears and Failures as an Entrepreneur

I don't know about you but being an entrepreneur and trying to start your own business is really hard. It's one of those things that, after you put in all this time and energy, and you see little to no results it can get... depressing to say the least. 

I don't want this to be a debbie downer type of post, but instead, I would like to encourage you when you are feeling a little depleted, a little down, and maybe even dealing with the fear of putting something out there...

This is for you.

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Doing the Daily

I once heard it said that marriage isn’t hard, it’s just daily. I think that's so true. And I think the same can be said in business.

For marriage, a typical day includes ups and downs with work, with your emotions and in communication. Sometimes I deal with frustrations well and sometimes not. But the sun comes up every morning and I'm given another day to try again, to do better, and continue the good work. And that's how it is in business.

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