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4 DIY Brand Designs That Make You Look Inexperienced

I hate to say it, but not everyone can or should DIY their own brand. 

Now, before you get flustered, there is one thing you should know. I definitely am an advocate for saving money on your brand to get your business off the ground. 

But once you have established your business mission, your direction, your audience, and your offering, it’s time to get serious and hire a professional to do something they were trained to do and are comfortable doing: creating a brand that’s in line with your business voice and mission and making sure it’s not only cohesive and professional but also strategic. 

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Mastering Natural Light in Photography

If you’ve never heard this, let me be the first one to tell you. The ‘golden hour’ of photography is right before sunset and that is the time to take pictures outside. Meaning, the sun's light is most beautiful and flattering to you around sunset. 

But, the golden hour can also be right at sunrise, which is the time of day for the photoshoot I'm displaying here to explain outdoor lighting... so without further ado, here's the photoshoot to demonstrate how to use natural light when photographing.  

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