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The Best Way to Showcase Your Product

One of the coolest ways to showcase your products is using models. I think we, as consumers, have grown accustomed to seeing thousands of advertisements a day and a sure way to help your product stand out is by using that human connection.

Back when I worked at a wedding photography studio, one of my favorite parts of the day were capturing those beauty shots of the bride and those seemingly "candid" moments of the bride and groom. Capturing those moments came easy to me and I enjoyed taking them so much.

Years later when I started my own business, I incorporated photography into my branding services. I just knew that I wanted to offer those same "beauty" style shots, except using models and showcasing products –the perfect combination of using my strengths and serving artisans and makers where they needed it most.

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Secrets to Engaging Product Photography

Product photoshoots can be a bit boring. Most of the time. There's only so many ways you can snap a photo of something. Unless you work with people, and unless you work with me ;)

I always strive to make the shoots I'm involved with more on brand and more engaging than the average still shot.

Wanna know my secret? Read on.

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