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10 Character Qualities You Need to Be Successful

This past week I felt like a failure.

Back in February I set a goal for myself that I would quit my day job on a certain day, do or die! Well, that day came and went this past Friday and here I am at work today, Monday morning with coffee in hand, just like normal.

So what happened? Well, several things, but mainly, it's the fact that my business isn't producing enough income to make a smooth transition. While I'm disappointed, I'm more motivated than ever to tackle this hurdle and reach my goals.

Dealing with disappointment, failure, and persistence are all part of the entrepreneurial ride and they're emotions I've had to live with since I started by business about 15 months ago. 

Along with an optimistic outlook and determination, I've complied a list of qualities that are vitally important to succeeding in your business when the going gets tough. 

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