The Best Way to Showcase Your Product

One of the coolest ways to showcase your products is using models. I think we, as consumers, have grown accustomed to seeing thousands of advertisements a day and a sure way to help your product stand out is by using that human connection.

Back when I worked at a wedding photography studio, one of my favorite parts of the day were capturing those beauty shots of the bride and those seemingly "candid" moments of the bride and groom. Capturing those moments came easy to me and I enjoyed taking them so much.

Years later when I started my own business, I incorporated photography into my branding services. I just knew that I wanted to offer those same "beauty" style shots, except using models and showcasing products –the perfect combination of using my strengths and serving artisans and makers where they needed it most.



Bringing in models to show off a product isn't just for "beauty" reasons. There is strategy and reasons behind this type of styled shoot.

The best way to showcase your product is using people to do so. Let me explain why this is so powerful for your business.


Brings in the human touch

Adding in people to a product shoot gives the viewer an opportunity to relate. It's more impactful for someone to see a mother and child and the mother wearing a necklace, than for someone to just see a necklace with a white background. 

In this styled shoot, I wanted to incorporate a mother and child because Kendra's jewelry is about family, love and motherhood. The best way to quickly show this very important fact is to use models to do so. 

Kendra was so delighted with this approach and I was so happy that she understood the value and reasons behind it.


Invites the viewer into a lifestyle

A major reason to use models when showing off a product is to show off a lifestyle. You want the viewer to imagine themselves wearing that purse, strutting that outfit, or vacationing at that resort. This the backbone of commercial photography. Not only are you showing off relative size and dimension, you're showing off a lifestyle that you want the viewer to participate in.

In this Covet the Bag brand photoshoot, we had multiple outfits and multiple purses to show off. Marissa wanted the shoot to be in the city to show off a busy, yet easy-going lifestyle when you have the multi-functional purse in hand.





Evokes a feeling

Not all jewelry is created equal. Some jewelry is more delicate and feminine while other jewelry can be show-stopping and more of a fashion statement. 

In this example, the jewelry for Sonya Leigh Designs is more feminine and romantic so I wanted to capture it in an environment that brings a soft, earthy, whimsical, and emotional feel to the jewelry. 

I loved doing this shoot and it was perfect for capturing those feelings and allowing the viewer into those feelings without even saying a word.


Shows off a style 

Like I mentioned, all jewelry is not created equal. The jewelry pictured below is more statement-making and edgy. So I created that vibe with tussled hair on the model, the incorporation of leather and darker imagery (it's not as light and bright as the photo above).

The environment, outfit, and model choice is just as important as the product itself when you're creating a feeling and showing off the brand style of a product. 


If you're not using model photography (AKA styled photography) for showing off your products, it's definitely something to consider. It adds in the human touch, invites the viewer into a lifestyle, helps you evoke a feeling, and shows off the brand style quickly and efficiently. 


I'm currently accepting inquiries for June with Styled Brand Photography. If you want to move your business forward with this styled photography, drop me a line and I would love to talk about your project!


I would love to hear if you've incorporated this type of photography into your product-based business? Why or why not?