The Major, Forgotten Element in Your Website Design

You've started your business and you've decided to either DIY your own website or invest with a website designer.

You're all ready to go with how many pages in the navigation, the copy for your about page, then your website designer asks for the photos you want to include. Uhhh... I'm supposed to find those? You immediately think.

Or as you come to the point where you're designing your own site and you realize you need photos.

This is the glaring problem that most people run into as they're launching their own site or getting their website designed. The glaring problem is that you need professional photos that align with your brand, because photos are the gatekeeper for whether people come and spend time on your site or dismiss it and move on.

So today is my solution to getting great photos when designing your site.



1. Photos are a part of your brand

A lot of people think of photos for their brand or website as an after-thought but it's important to view your photos as an extension of your brand.

Not only are photos a part of your brand but they are an essential element of your brand. The photos you use should point back to your style, brand, and mission.

A brand that is well crafted has photos that are consistent in style, coloring, and imagery. It's important that you understand the power your photos have and how you can harness that to show you are professional and intentional.

If you're using photos that are poor in quality or coloring, it can be a representation of your brand, in a bad way, showing that you may be careless or unprofessional. When you use photos that are professional and streamlined it shows you are competent and capable.

2. Find a style

There are a lot of different styles with photos, such as dark and moody, light and bright, colorful, black and white... you want to find images that speak to the brand you're defining and the story you want to tell. 

If you're searching through stock photography trying to find the right look or feel it can be a detriment to your brand for several reasons:

1. The photos you're finding don't match the style or brand you want to portray.

I've heard this from several people who searched high and low for photos to match their brand. But the truth is, to find something that truly matches your brand you need something that is customized for you. Especially if you have a unique brand and imagery.

2. Not enough photos to maintain a streamlined look

Another problem, if you're piecing together your photos is that there are usually not a good variety of photos to represent your brand. So you're left with skimping by, and struggling to find images to use for Instagram or other social media outlets.

3. Competitors have the same photos

Nothing is worse than seeing one of your hero images on your website, on the website of a competitor. Especially if you're in a saturated industry to begin with you want the chance to stand out as much as possible.

So what's the solution to finding photos that match your brand?

3. Invest in Brand Photography

Yes, this is an investment. But it's important that you see that investing on the front end can help you in the long run by establishing your brand with legitimacy and professionalism. 

1. Consistency 

When you hire a photographer for brand photos you're getting one photographer- for a lot of photos. The importance of this is that you're getting consistency. Each photographer is different with their style and it's important that you hire a photographer that understands the look you want and can deliver and will give you a variety of streamlined photos for your brand.

2. Originality

The great benefit to getting brand photos is that they are original to you. No one else will have the same photos you do, your competitors won't share the photos you have, which dilutes your brand, you will be the sole owner of the photos and be able to maintain a credible, professional brand.

3. Professionalism

Lastly, one of the most important benefits, is that your potential customers will view your brand as legit. Immediately when they come to your website they will take you seriously and see that you care about your imagery and if you care about your own brand you will care about theirs.


What's your biggest struggle with streamlining your brand?

If someone could solve this problem for you, what would the solution look like?