Tweaking and Pivoting in Business

One of the easiest lessons to learn, and also the hardest to put into practice, is the fact that changing (or pivoting or tweaking) in business is absolutely necessary for successful growth.

While I find it easy to get comfortable and "set in my ways" for how I do things, the truth of the matter is, the faster you can pivot and change, the faster you can grow as a person and as a business owner.



I've recently seen this firsthand with a friend of mine. I'm astonished at how open to change she is. She embraces it and is constantly making tweaks to her website, her brand and anything related to moving her business forward.

Unfortunately, change doesn't come as natural, or easy to me. I find that I get comfortable - with the knowledge I have, the web platform I'm on, how things are going - but that is NO way to grow.

My husband told me once, and it sounded rather harsh at first, but I've come to believe it wholeheartedly. "The minute you get comfortable, the minute your business will die."

Like I said, this can sound harsh but it helps you realize that change isn't only inevitable, it's necessary. 

So how and why would you make changes in your business? Let's take a look.


Find out what isn't working

This sounds like such a no-brainer it almost seems silly that I'm bringing it up. But think about it: 

Is your blog bringing people to your website?
Are people on your newsletter list buying from you?
Is that monthly subscription giving you a return on investment?
Are people inquiring through your website?

If you answered "no" or "not really" to any of these, it may be time to think through how you're doing things.

Something that took me way too long to pivot from was my email marketing system. I subscribed to a service that cost me more than the free service I was on and after months and months of not seeing the benefit (just for me and where I'm at) did I switch back to a free email provider? No... I kept on. Why? Cause I thought things would pick up, I thought that it would "start working one of these days."

The truth is I wasted a lot of time and money with that email provider, because I got comfortable and it was familiar and I didn't want to try something else.

But it's imperative that you find out what isn't working and fix it right away. The faster you can fix something, that faster you can save money or make money.

Change directions

This is one of the hardest things for a lot of us. We feel like things are set in stone but the truth is, you can change anything about your business whenever you want.

If you realize that you're not attracting the right clients, change your branding. If you find out your opt-in isn't working, try a new opt-in. 

The hurdle here, of course, is that change takes a lot of work. But, like I said earlier, change is necessary for growth and the faster you can change, the faster you can grow.


Try something new

You know the phrase, 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks?'

Well, newsflash: new tricks is what it's all about. Especially in our ever-changing landscape of online business and digital marketing.

We need to become more adaptable to changes in tech, changes in social media and changes in general. 

If you've been putting off a new social media channel because it intimidates you, or because you don't know how to do it... well, that's how it is. None of us know what we're doing we're just figuring it out as we go along.

Right now, I'm in the process of changing web platforms, which terrifies me because I'm so comfortable with where I'm at. But I know that I will be more able to show off my expertise and my skill on a custom platform instead of a template-based platform.

Like I said earlier, change isn't necessarily easy or comfortable, but it's the one thing you can be certain of in life, to it's best you embrace it for yourself and dive in head first.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this post.

Do you find change challenging? Or do you pivot and tweak things in your business often?