Why I Love Branding

There are a lot of aspects to branding. It’s sometimes hard to put your finger on all the things that branding includes, from putting personality onto paper and a vision into visuals, it’s a complex and intriguing task. But the use of the multiple mediums and the detailed aspects is what makes branding so appealing to me.

Just to give you a quick background: branding is putting into visuals a business’s goals, personality and mission onto paper.

Branding is thinking through the details; thinking through the different aspects of a business and finding the best way to represent those things. I love the challenge of branding and all the opportunities to be creative. 

So today I would love to share with you the reasons I love branding and hopefully it can shine a light on the intricacies of branding and you can learn a little about me in the process. 



It’s Complicated


No, but seriously. Branding can be complicated and complex because there are a lot of moving parts.

There’s the graphic design element and creating a cohesive presence digitally and in print. Graphic design can include logo design, business card design, collateral items, envelopes, thank you cards, etc.

Not only is there graphic design, in my branding process I add in the photography element as well. Which means I take photos that can represent the business. 

I want the photos to be unique, I want them to capture the look and feel of the graphic design and I want them to represent the business perfectly. It's definitely a wonderful creative challenge.

And finally it’s adding in the web design, which is a challenge all its own. I only add web design into the process if needed. But I also enjoy web design so much because it's detailed and there's strategy involved.

Using all these elements and moving parts makes the process such a unique and exciting one to me. I love working with multiple mediums to create the same cohesive look, and the challenge of making it all come together. Pure joy.


It’s Personal


Another thing I truly love about branding is that it’s personal. I love working one-on-one with business owners and helping them bring their vision to life with design and photography.

Creating a new brand to represent your business is a really big deal. I get that. Something about my design process is that its very collaborative. It’s working together to create something perfect to represent your business.

The one-on-one interaction is what I really love and the fact that we get to come up with something together. There's also a level of trust, in that, I want my clients to trust me and my design enough to come up with something perfect for them and I want them to trust me with communicating clearly and honestly throughout the design process so they end up with something they truly love.


It’s a Beautiful Combination


I have a thing for paper. I love paper products and bringing design pieces to life with great printing. And that’s part of my branding process. I include digital files as well as print files to help get you started on the right foot in your business.

But it’s not all digital and computers. With me it’s the whole package including print-ready files and making sure that the vision you have not only comes together online but that it’s ready to come to life on paper as well.


I hope this gave you a little insight to my branding process and how I love working with passionate clients who are ready to a create a one-of-a-kind brand with someone equally passionate about bringing the vision to life.