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Fears and Surprises About Working From Home

It’s March, and that means that R Artspace is turning 3 years old! Kinda crazy that it took almost 3 years of side-hustling to get to full-time status (If you wanna read about that journey, head over to this recent post).

But in light of recently going full-time, I would love to share some misconceptions I had about working from home and what actually happened. For anyone hoping to make the transition, perhaps this will answer some questions you may have about taking the leap and also shed some light on the fact that sometimes what you originally thought may end up surprising you.

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My 3 Year Journey of Side-Hustle to Full-Time

Back when I started this whole online business journey, I was convinced that I could get a website up and running and in a matter of months quit my day job. Boy was I wrong. Not only did it take YEARS, but it took so much more time, commitment and patience than I ever thought before.

My side-hustle journey to full-time entrepreneurship has been a long, awkward, and at times painfully slow experience from starting my business from scratch to growing it to where it can support me full-time. I want to share my story for anyone who is struggling to make their dream a reality; sometimes the process is slow and long but hopefully my journey will inspire and encourage you to stick with it, because you absolutely can make it happen.

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What I Learned from our European Adventure

Just 10 days ago Fawad and I were enjoying London in all it's beauty. It was a perfectly sunny day and the city was excited (the Royal wedding was taking place the next day) and we were enjoying the aromatic flavors and tastes of Dishoom restaurant. It was the culmination of our 26 day European adventure and we would be departing the next day on a 5:50 AM flight.

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Why and How We're Taking a Month Off to Travel the World

Ya know, daydreams are a fun past time. But sometimes, when you write those dreams down, talk about them, then take the steps to make them happen, they actually become a reality.

I don't usually share too much on the personal side but I want to share this with you. Not to brag. Or make you think "must be nice." I want to share this because making your dreams a reality IS possible and hopefully I can encourage you with my story, that YOUR dream is possible too. 

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3 Biggest Lessons from 2 Years as a Side-Hustler

This month marks 2 years since I started R Artspace. It’s a little crazy to think about. It started as a side-hustle and that’s what it is today but I’m not as worried about it as I was back then. Ok, it comes and goes… but at this moment as I’m typing this, I feel great about it.

In this post, I want to share how the past 2 years and end with the biggest lessons I’ve learned thus far. If

you’re a side hustler I really hope it encourages you and helps you get some perspective and if you’re already in the job you love, then I hope you can still get some tips for mindset and practical ways to market.

So, let’s dive right in.

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Why and How to Change Your Mindset as a Side Hustler

As a side-hustler, I feel like I look over the fence to my friends who work for themselves full-time and I sigh and say, ahh that would be nice. You get to work from home, work in your pjs, get to spend all day working on projects you love… the list of wonderful-ness goes on and on.

But the fundamental difference between those who are a full time entrepreneurs and the rest of us who are side-hustlers, is the simple fact is that one of us needs to get the clients and the other wants to get clients.

So, is there a way for those of us who aren’t there working for ourselves yet, to adopt a mindset that can get us there faster? And if so, what is that mindset?

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How to Prepare for a Vacation as a Business Owner

When you're in the thick of keeping on top of social media, content marketing, and managing your client projects, taking a vacation can sound like a luxury that you're willing to forgo. But, as I discovered this past week as my husband and I were able to take a vacation of our own, it's not a luxury, it's a necessity.

Getting away gives you clarity, opens your mind, and allows for space to breathe and collect your thoughts. But how do you set everything up so that things run smoothly while you're away? Here's a look at some things I did to make the vacation one that was truly worry-free.

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20 Everyday Things to Keep You Inspired

It happens to everyone. We have a burst of creativity and want to go out and conquer the world. We also have those times where there is no inspiration in sight and it feels like we’re pulling teeth to squeeze out one drop of our creative capabilities.

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that sometimes I stare at my computer for minutes just thinking. Or I pick up my pencil and look at the paper and am frozen with lack of ideas and creativity. So if you can relate, I’ve come up with a list of everyday things that never fail to inspire me, not only in creativity but also in life and looking at the bigger picture. So I hope this list helps you so when you’re at a point where you don’t know how to push back through the creative mental block you can do one of these things for a little boost.

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9 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Full-Time Job

From someone who currently has a 9-5 and a side hustle, it’s easy to see other people who work for themselves, sigh and say, “that would be so awesome.” And in my mind, that is “making it.”

But the truth of the matter is, it’s trading one set of problems for another. Instead of the dream of having a day to work from home, it becomes the struggle of making deadlines so you can get things done. Instead of freedom to do work you love it becomes the struggle of making something people will buy. Instead of the long commute to work it becomes the struggle to find new clients.

The more I’m alive, the more I’m discovering that it’s not going to be perfect on the other side – wherever the other side is. It’s never greener over there, unless you water it. You can make your full-time job as wonderful or as miserable as you want and trust me, I’m speaking to myself when I say that. So today I have compiled a list of ways to be thankful for your full-time job and also some ways to use it to your advantage. 

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