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What you'll receive with the Brand Review:

• A questionnaire to find out the goals for your business
• A recorded video of me reviewing either your website or Instagram to see how effective your online presence is
• A 1-hour strategy session where I give you specific tips on where you can put your energy to make an impact for your brand and business
• A recap of our talk with ideas, strategies and tips for you to keep and implement


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Brand Review
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How it works

  1. After you purchase this service, I'll send you the questionnaire and a link where you can schedule our chat.

  2. You'll complete the homework.

  3. I will review and record my first impressions of your Instagram or website and take notes on where you can improve
  4. At the time of our scheduled chat, I will share my thoughts, and give you actionable, practical strategies and ideas for how you can improve your visual marketing for your business, reach more people and get more customers.
  5. We'll go over any problems, questions or hangups you may have 
  6. After our chat I will send the video recording as well as a recap of our conversation so you know exactly what you can do to move forward effectively!
  7. You will feel heard, equipped and ready to grow your business with confidence!
Brand Review
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The Brand Review is available for a limited time.