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Project Details

Kathy wanted a brand and website that would get her noticed by her ideal client instead of one that made her feel overlooked and subpar. After struggling with DIY efforts she committed to investing in her business and get a brand that felt like her and a website that was effective. We created a streamlined brand that is fun and full of personality and also one that’s calming and professional, a perfect way to stand out in her industry.

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Kind Words

“My site looked amateur and didn't appeal to my ideal client. The website was taking me HOURS to fiddle around with and it still did not look the way I wanted it to. I did not have the time to keep spending on web design when I had client work to take care of. After working with RuthAnn I feel elated and I'm not embarrassed to refer people to my website now :) I feel that my website truly demonstrates my voice and vibe and appeals to my ideal client. I am more confident in how I show up before the first discovery call with a potential client.”


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