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What is brand photography? How can I use it if I'm a photographer?

Brand photography is when you take photos that are representative of your brand. They are unique, one of a kind, and exclusively yours. Having brand photography helps your business stand out from everyone else who uses stock photos or generic photos.

You can definitely still use brand photos even if you're a photographer, to see an example of this, check out this project I did for Lp Photography. 

I offer styled product shoots, such as this, or styled model shoots, such as this shoot.

Is branding the same as website design?

In short, no. Branding is creating the visuals to represent your business. Website design will USE the branding you have to create the look for the site, such as the fonts, colors, your logo, and photos.. It's helpful, dare I say, imperative to have branding when creating your website.

How can you use the branding if I don't purchase website design?

With my branding service, I create marketing materials in addition to your brand, such as business cards and digital catalog, I also equip you with a brand style guide so you can use those guidelines as you create graphics for your social media or any other marketing content. 

Can I provide my own photos if I work with you for a website?

Yes absolutely. Even though Brand Photography is a service I offer, you can definitely provide your own photos. However, I do require that they be high-resolution images (200 ppi or higher). 

How do I know which web platform is best for my business?

Depends on what you want. If you're looking for a professional site that's very user-friendly and one that makes blogging a breeze, I recommend Squarespace. Squarespace is best for small businesses and small teams. You can easily make changes and the backend is simple and wonderful to use PLUS they have gorgeous templates that can be tweaked with a little code to make them your own (something I offer).

If you're looking for an overview on web platforms to see what would work for you, check out this post.

Do you provide the website domain and hosting?

Clients are responsible for website domain, hosting, and purchasing the platform subscription. But, I will set all those things up for you and/or walk you through everything so it's not confusing. 

How does payment work?

You can choose to pay in two payments of 50% at the beginning and end of the project. Or you can pay in 3 payments of 33/33/34%. The first payment is a non-refundable deposit to secure your date on my calendar.

Payments can be made via Stripe, Apple pay, and Paypal. 

What if I have a project that is not listed in your services?

Contact me! Tell me about your project and I'll see if it's a good fit for the services I provide. 


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