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Ready to get professional branded photos with your own camera?


Novice to Confident: Intro to DSLR Product Photography 


Do you take your own styled images for your website or social media and wanna know the secret for making them look professional?

Do you struggle with quality consistency from image to image?

With my 6 video course, Novice to Confident, I show you how to take quality photos with your DSLR that you're actually proud of. 

I understand all the struggles of shooting product photos cause I was there. I give you the strategies, resources and knowledge for how to get images that get attention (in a good way!) and that make your business look professional and your product desirable. 

This course is perfect for you if you’re…

• NOT a photographer but you're in the DIY phase in your business
• Sick of trying to figure out how to get quality photos on your own
• Dream of feeling confident when showing images of your product  
• Ready to trade in months of trial and error for only a few hours with the most necessary tips and strategies

Novice to Confident: Intro to DSLR Product Photography is the comprehensive video course made for busy business owners that gives you the foundational pieces for getting great photos from how to shoot in manual, to styling, shooting, editing, formatting images for web and more.

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After you go through Novice to Confident...

• You will have the knowledge of how to take professional photos
• You will have quality images that are consistent
• You will be confident knowing YOU can take quality photos for your website or social media
• Your business will grow


This course includes 6 video lessons:

Lesson 1 – DSLR Basics
Lesson 2 – All Things Lighting
Lesson 3 – Styling & Shooting
Lesson 4 – Editing
Lesson 5 – Formatting Images for Web
Lesson 6 – Where to Go From Here


You'll also get:

• Corresponding workbook

• Guided step-by-step instructions

• "Take Action" section after each lesson

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What happens after I purchase the course?

You get immediate access to all course content including the videos and workbook.

is this course helpful to photographers?

Yes! You will get so much valuable tips and strategies that even if you're used to shooting portraits or weddings this will be a great resource to styled flat lays.

is this course helpful if I don't have a dslr?

Yes! If you only have an iPhone or a smart phone you will still get SUPER value tips and strategies for getting quality photos. And in the Editing section, I share tips for editing on your smart phone.

is this course refundable?

Due to the immediate access to all content, refunds are not available. 


Past student praise:

"I feel so much more confident! I am excited to keep practicing and developing my skills with these tips in mind."

 Margaret Westerlund, Margaret Westerlund Design


"I feel like I did learn quite a few pointers from the videos that I had not known before. It was a great crash-course for beginners."

Ali Boule

"Before starting RuthAnn’s course, I was a little embarrassed about my photo taking skills.  I was either taking a million photos to get one good one or I was having to buy stock photos.  Neither of these was a good long term solution but I didn’t know where to go or what to do to improve my skills.  I needed someone to walk me through the basics and help me further develop my skills.  RuthAnn is personable, down to earth and easy to understand.  The course left me with a better understanding of what specific areas of my photography I needed more practice and development in. My pictures are now so much better and really support the brand image I’m looking to create.   I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to grow their business or social media account with the use of professional looking photos."

– Kristen Campbell, PharmD, Well & Worth

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