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Why hello there


I'm RuthAnn.

I was born and raised in Kansas City. In college I received my Bachelors in Graphic Design and Spanish. I’ve been married to my wonderful husband for 4 years. I love to laugh, travel to new cities, and spend quality time with people.

My favorite snack is popcorn and my favorite movie(s) is Lord of the Rings. In my spare time I love to draw (my style is realism and my medium is pencil).

I would love to get to know you too! Drop me a line, will you?

you want to feel creatively fulfilled and serve people


I did too. To be honest, I never wanted to have a business. But after a series of creative jobs I had a deep ache in my heart to have a dedicated space (of my own) for creative expression– one that could hold my love for photography and design and serve others with my gifts.

Have you had that gnawing itch too? To be creative on your own terms and feel fulfilled by helping people with your passion? That's what I felt. And R Artspace was born, a creative space where these dreams have become possible.


how branding can let you do what you love
(and make a living doing it)


In my 2+ years of business, I have seen first-hand what intentional branding can do for people, myself included.

Not only does it equip you with the ultimate confidence-boost for sharing your talents, but it gives you a professional presence, shows people the quality of your service, and elevates your business to grab the attention of those clients who are excited to work with you.

I have been honored to work with creatives across the U.S. and around the world. I love the work I do and I strive to make the branding experience one that is fun, collaborative and leaves you excited for what's next in your business.

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If you would like to reach out, I would love to connect with you!

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Can't wait to chat with you!