Why hello there


I'm RuthAnn.

I love to laugh, travel to new cities, and spend quality time with people. My favorite ice cream flavor is pistachio and my favorite movie is Lord of the Rings (ok, so 3 movies). I was born and raised in Kansas City and I’m married to my wonderful husband of 3 years. 

you want to feel creatively fulfilled and serve people


I did too. To be honest, I never wanted to have my own business. But after a series of creative jobs I had a deep ache in my heart to have a dedicated space with no boundaries on the creative expression– one that could hold my love for photography and design and serve others with my gifts.

Have you had that gnawing itch too? To be creative on your own terms and feel fulfilled by helping people with your passion? That's what I felt. And R Artspace was born, a creative space where these (very attainable) dreams are possible.