Hello! Let's be friends.

My name is RuthAnn and I believe in laughing everyday, always having a trip to look forward to and appreciating every moment. I treasure face to face interactions and I have a slight obsession for popcorn and Lord of the Rings.

When I started R Artspace I was looking for a creative outlet, a space to use my variety of artistic skills and I’ve finally honed them into what R Artspace offers today. My current service offering is working with retainer clients, or as I call, Design Partners, and it's truly my sweet spot as a person and as a designer. I value the relationships I make with my clients and I want to continue to be apart of their journey in the daily. And I also LOVE creating items that are completely unique to the brand and adding in the personality that sets their business apart.

I couldn’t be happier with how my business is progressing and I’m so excited to serve artisans in this way. Learn about becoming a design partner!

Follow along with me! @r.artspace