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5 Surprising Benefits of Blogging

Blogging is kind of like exercising. It’s a great for your business’s overall health and has some surprising benefits that you may not know about.

While I’ve been consistently blogging for over a year I still don’t consider myself a blogger. I just view blogging as a way to keep my business healthy, moving forward and further establish my expertise.

Blogging isn’t just great for establishing credibility and showcasing your expertise though, there are some more benefits you may not know of, let’s dive into five of the major benefitstoday.

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The Best of the Blog for 2016

Well guys, we're in the last week of the year and it's always fun to look back and track accomplishments you're proud of and see where you want to make changes and improve.

Since I began my business in March, I've been blogging and to date I've collected almost 60 blog posts for the R Artspace blog!

When I started my business, even though I did tons of research for how to successfully start an online business, there was a lot I didn't know. I needed help with small things, like what should I share on social media? How do I get started with my newsletter? How do I stay inspired? And more.




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