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Common Struggles for a Cohesive Brand and the Solution

After over 3 years in business and talks with dozens if not hundreds of business owners, I’ve found common threads of struggle when it comes to getting the illusive “cohesive brand.”

Not everyone struggles with this, but a lot of us do, especially when we’re in the beginning stages of business. So I’m breaking down the most common struggles and how to overcome them to get more brand clarity and, as a result, more trust with potential clients.

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Answering the Question: What is Branding?

Having a brand for your business is so important in today’s market, but WHY is it so important? And, let’s take a step back, what IS a brand? And HOW does it move your business forward?

I’m diving into all these questions and more with real world examples, best tips, and what you can do next to build your brand, attract ideal clients and book out your service.

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Brand Reveal for Katie Rollins

Katie is a successful online marketer but felt like her online presence was “chaotic.” It was too all over the place and didn’t look cohesive across platforms.

When Katie reached out to me about branding I was thrilled to work with her. She opted for the Brand + Photos + Website design service which meant her branding and photos were fully custom.

Not only did end up with a brand she loves, but she now looks the part of a successful, savvy boss who is killing it in her industry, which she was all along.

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Brand Reveal for Frogosa's Elite Solutions

When I first chatted with Kathy we clicked right away. We connected through a mutual acquaintance and our conversation was easy and flowing. Kathy is a bookkeeper with years of experience but just recently started her business online so the challenge was, trying to look like the professional she was but struggling to do all the things that weren’t in her wheelhouse.

She told me at one point that she felt “swallowed up” by all the other bookkeeping businesses online, how could she stand out and look professional? I was very excited when she chose to work with me because developing a strong visual brand is one of the best ways to stand out amongst a crowd and clearly communicate your messaging. Take a look at how the brand took shape!

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Brand Reveal for Rose Costello

After our initial inquiry call to discuss branding for Rose's business I knew it was going to be a challenging project. But I was up for it.

Reason being, was because of the nature of Rose's business. Rose offers a complex, hard to pin-point service (a category all her own, so-to-speak) so designing a brand to encompass her service was delightfully difficult.  

But along with the creative challenge, the final result was something both Rose and I loved.

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5 Branding Myths Busted

I'm a big fan of the StoryBrand podcast. You should give it a listen if you haven't heard it. But they have a quick segment in their episodes called Marketing Myth Busters - it's entertaining as well as informative. 

I love this format because a lot of us believe these things. And, in StoryBrand they bust these beliefs and explain why they're wrong.

I decided to use that same format for our topic today: branding. Hopefully it will be insightful to you and open you up to understanding a little more about branding and what it entails and why certain beliefs need to be busted.

So let's get started!

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