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Common Struggles for a Cohesive Brand and the Solution

After over 3 years in business and talks with dozens if not hundreds of business owners, I’ve found common threads of struggle when it comes to getting the illusive “cohesive brand.”

Not everyone struggles with this, but a lot of us do, especially when we’re in the beginning stages of business. So I’m breaking down the most common struggles and how to overcome them to get more brand clarity and, as a result, more trust with potential clients.

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Top Brand Frustrations and the Solutions

If you're a business owner and you wouldn't identify as particularly creative, chances are the areas of branding and design frustrate you to some extent. 

I had the opportunity to talk with over a dozen business owners recently for some market research. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with each person about their top frustrations with branding and design and I thought it would be helpful to share my findings, in case you struggle with these things as well. 

Some of these frustrations, I completely relate with and others I went on to write blog posts about to better understand them more myself. So today I would love to share with you some business owners top frustrations with branding and design and hopefully the answers I share can help you too.

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