5 Brand Mistakes You May Be Making

Branding isn't just a logo or an overpriced indulgence.

Branding has the power to transform your business, it can reach your potential customers, and it can build one of the most essential aspects of your business.

Are you making one of these five mistakes that could be costing you? Read on to find out!



1. Branding is about you 

Actually, I hate to break it to you, it’s not. Branding is creating visuals to represent YOUR business yes, BUT you need to ATTRACT your ideal client.

For example, if your target client is a woman looking for feminine maternity photos then perhaps using a bright neon color palette wouldn't attract them. You have to think, not only of the things you like, but the things your ideal customer likes.


2. Branding is a logo

False. A lot of people when they hear branding they either think a logo, or they think a color palette.

And while it includes those things, branding is so much more. It’s developing a voice, a visual, and a way to communicate succinctly and clearly to your audience while representing your business accurately.


3. Branding is overpriced and overrated  

While the range of branding is quite large, it’s important to understand the value that branding has.

Not only does it streamline your visuals, it building consistent visuals can quickly and immediately reach your ideal clients.

And consistency builds the ultimate commodity, trust.

So if you INVEST in branding, you can then raise your prices, reach more people more quickly than you were ever able to before all while building trust in your brand. A win-win-win.


4. Branding looks pretty easy, I can do this myself

If you’ve ever seen an inspiration board and thought wow that looks easy and fun and decided to brand yourself, it’s harder than it looks.

The thing is, we’re creatives, we have the know-how, we’re pretty good visually, but there are SO many more things to consider. 

Graphics, photos, web design, SEO, formatting files correctly for social media and website, it can get overwhelming quickly.

While doing it yourself may SOUND like it will save you money in the short run, it will cost you more money than you ever anticipated in the long run and put you at a disadvantage until then.


5. I need to focus on marketing first, then I'll worry about branding 

Having a professional brand is the best form of marketing.

What happens if you focus on your Pinterest or Instagram or then when you offer your services someone comes to your site and it doesn’t look very professional? They may be turned off. And they may never return.

Rather, investing in branding in the onset, THEN focusing on gathering the interest of potential customers you want who will be excited to work with you and immediately recognize that you are the one for them.


I would love to hear what you think of this post!

Have you believed any of these myths?

Would you add any to the list?