A Necessary Piece of Branding that Most People Forget About

When people think of branding they often think of a logo and color palette, and they’re not wrong. Those are very important elements of branding but you may be surprised to learn that branding includes the photos you’re putting out there as well.

Professional images are an integral piece of the branding process for so many reasons; one of them being they can VERY quickly establish you as a professional or as a novice. That’s why I love to take this aspect of branding off my client’s plate and provide it for them in my branding service: Brand + Photos + Website.


I work with coaches, strategists, and service-based business owners. Typically, my clients are go-getters, ambitious, and successful. They have a lot going on, from growing a community, to running a business, to working with clients.

Finding photos that accurately represent their business should NOT be something they need to worry about. And with my background in photography, I’m happy to provide this well-rounded approach to my branding process.

Not only do they not have to worry about finding photos that align with their brand, they can be confident knowing their photos EXACTLY represent what they do, who they serve, are unique to their business, and are quality images that they can use anywhere in their brand, such as on their website, for social media, blog posts, you name it.

The Brand + Photos + Website service I offer is a 10–12 week service, and it’s broken out into 3 Phases.


Brand + Photos + Website

Phase I Branding
Phase II Styled Photos
Phase III Website


Today we’re chatting about what Phase II Styled Photos looks like. So let’s dive in!

Phase II Styled Photos

the 3-part process

  1. Inspiration

The Styled Photo Phase begins with an inspiration board, much like the Branding process. The inspiration board includes some images that will help showcase the style and vibe we’re going for and also a brief about the photoshoot I’m envisioning.

Once I put together the inspiration photos, the client’s color palette and the photoshoot settings along with prop idea, my client and I will have a meeting where we can discuss the photoshoot vision and ideas.


2. Collaborative Brief

I meet up with my client (typically over a Zoom chat) to go over the inspiration I’ve pulled together for my client. I talk with my client about my vision, prop ideas I have and settings for each shoot. This is the time for me to clearly communicate what my client can expect from the photos. Sharing the inspiration board with my client is very helpful so we can visually get on the same page and can have an understanding of what the final product will look like.

Throughout the whole branding process I encourage my client to collaborate and offer their feedback. So during this brief, if my client has prop suggestions or questions, this is where we discuss all of those things.

Once the Inspiration board and Photoshoot vision is approved I move on to purchasing the props* (such a fun part of the process!) and getting ready for photoshoot day.

*The Styled Photos includes a prop budget so I can make sure that the final photos align with my client’s work and vision.

3. Photoshoot & Photo Presentation

When the day of the photoshoot arrives, I have all my props on hand and get to work. Shooting each setting takes time. In this case, I broke the photoshoot out into 2 days. This helped because after the first day I was able to send my client some photo sneak peeks and get feedback before I continued on with the second day of the photoshoot.

While the photoshoot can be very time and work intensive, it’s really fun because you get to see the client’s brand come to life.

I shared the photoshoot on my Instagram stories, so here’s a look at those behind the scenes:


Once the shoot wraps, I upload all the photos to Lightroom, then from there select the ones that will work best for my client. The “Selects” as I call them, finish in Photoshop and I format the photos to be perfect for web and social media.

I also send my client a Presentation of the final photos. And from there we move onto Phase III of the Brand + Styled Photos + Website process which is the website!

This is really fun because in the website portion we’re able to bring all the branding elements together and use the photos we’ve created to add personality, polish and professionalism to the website.

Here are some of the final images that came from this shoot.


If this service looks like the exact thing your business needs, you’re in luck! I have 2 spots left for the Brand + Photos + Website service for 2019 so if this looks like something you are interested, head over here to learn more!

Some questions I’ve received about the photoshoot process are:

Can clients send props to get photographed?

Yes. I’ve worked with creatives who are makers and it’s pretty common for them to send me their products so I can shoot them and send them back when the shoot is over. I’ve done this for clients on the East and West coast and beyond! But I will say, I discuss this with potential clients on a case by case basis.

How do you know which props to use?

I make a list that I think will accurately represent my client’s vision and share my ideas with my client. Once we reach an agreement and the prop list is approved, I go shopping to find the perfect pieces.

Do you provide revisions on photos?

I DO send a sneak peek for my clients showing them a handful of edited photos and from their feedback I make final photo selections. I do NOT however provide additional photoshoots after the initial photoshoot is completed, unless that’s something my client and I have previously discussed. The reason being is that we do that initial work up front during the Collaborative Brief: I share my vision, photo inspiration and prop idea so my client has a good idea of what to expect. Better to over communicate in the beginning than try to fix something later on.

What if I don’t have a pretty space to shoot in?

If you’re wanting to get some headshots taken and don’t have a home office or pretty space, look for a local coffee shop or even a park or somewhere that could look ideal. I also recommend hitting up Pinterest for some photoshoot location ideas if you’re at a loss.

What if I’m local and need headshots?

For those who live in the Kansas City area, I am happy to come to your studio and take some photos of you in your element!

I did this recently with Duplika Jewelry in downtown Kansas City. Here’s a small selection of her photos:


I hope sharing this part of the branding process was enjoyable! This is a very fun part of the process for me and I’m happy to share how I do this with my clients.

If you wanna see if the Brand + Photos + Website service is a good fit for you, head over here to learn more!

Do you have any questions about this process that I didn’t answer?

I would love to hear your thoughts about this Styled Photoshoot process!